Release 2008-11-19

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Cursed Isles

From the Release Notes:
  • Cursed Isles
  • Add a leader board to show rankings during puzzle competitions
  • In puzzle competitions, don't consider puzzle sessions started before the competition
  • Allow people to win more than one prize during a performance bracket competition
  • Change border around battle navigation view on sinking battles
  • Add chests hauled to the score board in Atlantis
  • Don't swap ships between safe zones when exiting & reentering sea monster skirmishes
  • Skellies/zombies no longer take: regular sea charts, mostly-used whisking potions, injury repair potions
  • Let people trash sticks
  • Fix booch where gorgonyxes and archelons didn't drop dragoons on player vessels when pulling up next to them. They were always intended to transfer dragoons in addition to their normal attacks. The number of dragoons spawned normally has been dropped to compensate.
  • Fix problems with some male clothing and monkeys in portraits
  • Fix problems with sometimes displaying stale duty reports
  • Fix bug with reconnecting when aboard a now-sunk vessel
  • Fix booched non-scaling border around battle navigation view