Duty station

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Examples of Carpentry/Patching, Gunnery, and Sailing/Rigging duty stations aboard a ship.

A duty station is a specific post associated with a specific puzzle. Each duty station will display an oval label. Aboard a ship, each duty station will be associated with a duty puzzle, while within a stall or a shoppe, each duty station will be associated with the corresponding crafting puzzle. When a player clicks or taps on a station's label, the label displays a radial menu of the options available for that station.

For each type of station aboard a ship (save the one for Navigation), clicking or tapping will display a pair of options for each associated duty puzzle -- "How to play (Puzzle)" and "Play (Puzzle)". The navigation station will also display this same pair of options, but it will also display additional options involving course selection and voyage configuration.

Aboard ship, these are the types of duty stations within the game at this time (along with their associated duty puzzle(s) and their function within the game):

Any specific station may only be manned by a single pirate at any one time, and so the number of stations aboard a ship is indicative of the number of pirates that may perform the puzzle. The sole exception to this is the gunnery stations - though each station may still only be manned by a single pirate at a time, the number of stations is the same as the number of cannons aboard the vessel (save for the cutter, which has eight cannons, but only six gunnery stations). Since each station allows a single pirate to load four cannons at a time, only a quarter of a ship's gunnery stations can be in use simultaneously.

Crafting station

Examples of Weaving crafting stations in a weavery.

As with a duty station aboard a ship, a crafting station within a stall or shoppe will display an oval label. Additionally, when a player clicks or taps on the oval, the same radial menu with the same two basic options will appear (although the option to play the puzzle will say "Do yer job" instead).

The number of stations within the business place will depend upon the size of the stall/shoppe. Furthermore, the specific puzzles for these stations will always be the one for that business.

Any number of pirates may occupy a single crafting station at the same time.