Demonic Playground (Meridian)

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This article is about a Meridian Ocean crew. For the Emerald Ocean crew, see Demonic Playground (Sage).
Demonic Playground at a Glance
Meridian Ocean
Captain Devilsangel (Dormant)
Senior Officer(s) Blissfull, Mydarkangel (Active), Naiki, Tiffaroo (ALL are dormant unless otherwise marked)
Politics Oligarchic
Shares Even
Flag Affiliation Dark Demonic Dreams
Founded 13 October, 2009
Last updated on 2 March, 2017
Favicon.png Crew Info

Demonic Playground is a crew on the Meridian Ocean, flying the flag of Dark Demonic Dreams.

The crew got its name from Angel and Naiki talking it over for 2-3 weeks until they both decided that it was time to go ahead and start their own crew.

DP was part of the flag Soul Mates for a few weeks as they decided on which direction to take their crew and to know if and when they were going to make their own flag.

About the crew

This crew was originally created on the retired Viridian Ocean after making the one on Sage.

Differences about them are that here on Viridian it is a freshly made crew while on Sage, I took over as captain of a very dormant crew and left the flag we were in before changing the name of the crew. And also, the crew on Sage is a private crew unless by invitation only.

Public statement

traveling all over the ocean, we find all kinds of people but those that are friends and crew mates help make a difference in all our lives.

Extended public statement

This is the same crew as on Sage. But the only difference between them is that this one is open to any one wishing to join.

Also, if you have any questions and no on is on, you can wait until we log on, have it posted in issues, (or if it is for me or naiki-- you can check on sage because we might just be on there.)

We will be doing more pillies soon. and when we have CI maps we will be doing them.

Crew articles

  1. Respect everyone (crew mates, jobbers, crews you are jobbing with, new players, etc.)
  2. Please do not beg. Also included, do not beg for a rank. You will get it when you are ready for it. Plus, the more you beg the less likely what you’re asking is going to happen.
    1. Begging for Poe, Dubs (doubloons), clothing, etc. will get you a warning not to do it again. After 2nd or 3rd offence you will get expelled as beggars are not tolerated by this crew.
    2. You will not get the rank you want by begging. IF you have to ask, ask only once. Otherwise, all promotions will occur when we think that you are ready.
  3. Do not Bribe any Senior Officers, Fleet Officers or Officers to get a higher rank. Doing so will get you expelled from the crew.
  4. No PTB required except for CI trips (see below for more information).
  5. While on a ship:
    1. No lazing upon a ship especially in battle, unless given permission or all stations are full.
    2. All sleepers will be planked after a period of time is given to wake up (the only exception is if you say you will be right back).
    3. If caught with “Zzzzz’s” above your head will be planked (the only exception is when jobbing).
    4. No leaving during battle or you will be minused.
  6. Taking out ships:
    1. DO NOT STEAL or you will be expelled and reported to the OM’s.
    2. All unlocked and stocked ships will be available for crew use.
    3. Any locked ships are locked for a reason. If you would like to use one please ask the owner and do not argue about it.
    4. Please, restock ships and any other ship that is not your own that you use after a pilly. Whether you have a successful pilly or not it still needs to be restocked - even if it means using money out of your own pocket. If it is not restocked you will be in trouble.
    5. DO NOT port on an uninhabited island. If you do port on an uninhabited island and leave it there, YOU will be responsible for bringing it back to an inhabited island and stocking it, since you were the one to put it there. (Note: Most of my ships have a list of the uninhabited islands in all the archs or just for the arch that the ship is ported in. Or if you are on a ship that doesn't say-- ask.)
    6. DO NOT abandon a ship that is not your own at sea while it is on a pilly or not.
  7. WARNING: Angel and Naiki LOVE planking.
    1. Angel planks Naiki randomly just because she can.
    2. All needed planking’s will occur while on pillies, SMH’s or CI’s.

Teaming during swordfights and rumbles

  1. Look on right hand side of screen. You should see your opponents there.
  2. Next you will see little circles next to some or all of your Opponents.
  3. There will be a white outline around the box you are currently attacking along with a circle, if there is no other circle with you, then you are NOT teamed. If there is another circle then you ARE teamed.
  4. To move to different opponents left click on an opponent then you will move to that opponent and start attacking that one.
  5. Teams usually consist of groups of 2's or 3's.

CI rules

  1. Ask if you can join before boarding a ship that is going to be doing a CI (unless we ask you directly or say anyone can hop on).
  2. Master+ stats will be allowed depending on open stations.
    1. All else will be considered.
  3. If you do not have time to stay for one full entry, please do not join.
  4. Swords and bludgeons ARE required
  5. Listen to all teaming instructions

Promotion requirements

  • Cabin people: Punishment and for those who have not been ranked yet. Or if you specifically request it. They may also be any crew member's alt that they did want to be ranked at pirate.
  • Pirate: Auto promotion. But this does not mean that you can gun without permission.
  • Officer: The highest rank you can get if you join the crew and we do not know you. You will need broad+ and 3 solids in Bilging, Sailing, Rigging, Carpentry and Gunning--- and these should be above able/proficient. Also, should be working on Navigation (dnav) and Battle Navigation (bnav). And also, must have some experience in Swordfighting and Rumble. (Hearties that we do not know that well will start at this rank).
  • Fleet officer: 3 experts in either Bilging, Sailing, Rigging, Carpentry, Gunning, Dnaving or Bnaving-- and at least be respected+. Bnaving should be at Respected+. Trust from the Captain and SO’s is required. (There MAY be some exceptions)
  • Senior officer: Angel and Naiki will decide who will become SO. Friends will be auto SO unless they say they don't want to be one.
  • Captain: No one but Angel or Naiki will have this rank unless you make your own crew.

Also, NAIKI will be the one in charge of Officer training. If he is not on, you can let me know and I will tell him.