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Conlaoch is a fleet officer and weaver in the crew Iron Warriors on the Obsidian Ocean. Prior to Obsidian, he has also played as Mythstery on other oceans, but the pirate was deleted due to inactivity.


Conlaoch claims to come from a large continent only described as Abella of Sparksvaard, noting he was at one time a weaponsmith and a swordsman, but one day woke up in a small shack on Port Venture (Obsidian) of Obsidian, not knowing what happened.

Conlaoch had vivid dreams of piracy before his arrival, which may have been sparked from a member of his guild on Abella. It came to him to attempt to start learning Rigging. Over time, he achieved the rank of master, which he is particularly fond of. he attempted Blacksmithing, but was told that he'd have to wait a few days to get a Labor Badge to participate in Blacksmithing, as an unknown force restricted certain labors, crafting, and parlor activities to certain days. He was devastated when he learned everything he learned from making weaponry from his days in Abella were naught in Obsidian, watching others around him hammer swords with precision masterwork while he would leave significant portions still untempered.

Eventually, with a small obsession of the moon, Conlaoch decided to join the Iron Warriors in December 2017. He eventually gained the rank of officer in mid-late February of 2018. Along with his rank, he also gained the title of weaver, after noting that he enjoys the starting jingle of Weaving that plays every time he attempts it, even though he is not particularly good at it.

Conlaoch dreams of becoming one of the best at Rigging, Patching, Bilging, Battle Navigation, and Duty Navigation, and also memorizing as much of the ocean as possible without getting his ship sunk.