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Blackalicous currently serves as a senior officer for the crew The Mad Tea Party under the flag Good Grief. He also acts as manager of Dream Weaver on Caravanserai Island.


Blackalicous started out as a greenie in the crew Devil's Crew, but soon left when he was unable to rise through their strict ranks. He joined many other crews and learned all of the ways of being an officer before he stumbled across the flag Notorious and decided to join one of their crews, Greed's Ambassadors. Blackalicous was made senior officer just a few days after joining Greed's Ambassadors. Blackalicous had given or gambled away all of his permanent possessions (i.e., Deeds, Pets, etc.) except for his dog, Poker Earnings, which he will never lose. (Disclaimer: This can not be quoted in case of a situation where he does, in fact, sell his dog for poker.) The return of Greed's Ambassadors' original captain from an absence and disagreements over the captain's new leadership style led most of the crew--including Blackalicous--to leave and join the crew Shanghaied, led by Burninator.

During his time with Shanghaied, Blackalicous was made a senior officer, received the title "Card Sharp" for his love of poker, and was made a titled member under the flag Notorious. He joined Eternal Enigma as a senior officer for the first month of the crew's existence to assist his hearty, Chelspet, in building the crew. Blackalicous has been known to leave to lend assistance to other flag crews, such as the crew Adolescent.


Blackalicous owns a dog named Poker Earnings and a rat named Shanksky.