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Barbadon is an officer and Card Sharp of the crew Lick'er Cabinet on the Sage Ocean.



Barbadon has been a pirate on the Sage Ocean for more than three years. Originally a member of the crew Balls of Fire, he soared through the ranks to become a senior officer in no time. Growing bored with the same old prototypical crew, he formed Thieves of the Sea, with his good friend and future wife, Lipsy. Not long after starting this crew, Barbadon and Lispy decided to form a flag. They called it Heaven's Demons.

After mysteriously dissappearing for almost nine months, Barbadon returned with a bloodthirst that could not be quenched. In order to expand the flag he helped create, he decided to create a new crew to coincide with his current crew. After saying his temporary farewells, he created the new crew, Curse of the Black Heart. Not long after creating his new crew, he decided to join a new flag, which was called T-N-T.

Barbadon is now serving as an officer of the crew Lick'er Cabinet. He is also a member of the flag, Cocktail Party. In his crew, Barbadon is titled Cardsharp. This reflects his luck and talent at card games. He has achieved ultimate puzzle standing in both hearts, and spades.