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Avista is a proud and diligent pirate who has pillaged and plundered upon the Sage Ocean for over 3 and a half years. Although Avista has been a part of many crews throughout her life on the seven seas, she seems to find that the captains of the crews she has worked with have kicked her out without a reason possibly to do with her un-pirate like honesty. Due to this fact, she now holds arms to any that dare cross her. Avista is independent and won't allow being messed about.


Where she Resides

Avista lives on Admiral Island with her sister Sarapie, and can usually be spotted in the Sho girls inn or out pillaging and plundering from pirates' pockets.

In Game Goal

To collect as much booty as possible.

Yearly goal

  • To get admiral rank in the navy,
  • To get a better house.
  • Have loads of piraty fun !!! yar

Favorite Puzzles

Avista is a keen pirate and loves all of them, but the main ones that she enjoys the most is Rumble, Swordfight, Carpentry and Sailing, as well as her fair share of Drinking.

Other Details

She is a commander in the Admiral Island Navy in the Gull Archipelago. She owns a sloop called the Cold Carp.


i won this in the 2006 christmas 'Santas Rampage' challenge
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i won this in the halloween 2006 'Arrrmageddon: Escape The Cursed Seas' challenge
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I currently have 6 of these
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Photo album

This is her with her sister Sarapie.
This is her 2007 Halloween piccy.


Poppy This is me sweet lil cat poppy.

Avista this Month

Avista is still working hard to get admiral rank in the navy. Also she is going nuts for the new forging game, she only plays it to get the monkey to appear