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Apoise is a pirate based on the Emerald Ocean, originally the Sage Ocean. Having no permanent alternates this pirate has been boring the ocean since 2005. Starting on the great crew Balls of Fire, had a solid base for his development with the support of his captain Cannonball and other several great pirates and officers. During his time on Balls of Fire and Flames of Passion he had the opportunity to support (while training) great battle navigators (like Cannonball, Mouselion and Profwdpsd), having the chance to refine executive officer skills and to find his two true loves: Gunnery and planking.

After Balls of Fire, where he attained the rank of fleet officer, he joined the crew Flames of Passion, where he also attained the fleet officer rank, following his first "Sir" of all, Cannonball. With some dormancy times, he usually logs now and then to prevent the system's automatic purging, yet, he was not able to prevent it from happening in July 2010 when he missed the purging time by a week, losing his pirate and all its possessions. Yet due to the help of some great crew members (Cassandrag, Mordaceye and Rizahawkeye), he was able to salvage his two ships, the sloop Hard-Headed Pickerel and the war brig Harsh Bluegill.

Now in April 2013, again after getting his pirate purged, he was able to get back to Shooting Stars of Sage where he had the help of Aussiebob to get back his sloop and a promotion to officer, and also the title of mascot.


  • Former fleet officer and gunner of Balls of Fire
  • Former fleet officer and gunner of Flames of Passion
  • Former fleet officer and gunner of Shooting Stars of Sage
  • Former cabin person of Shooting Stars of Sage due to purging
  • Current officer and mascot of Shooting Stars of Sage due to purging