Alkaid Island (Emerald)

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Alkaid Island
Favicon.png Alkaid Island on the Emerald Ocean
Large island in the Ursa Archipelago
Alkaid Island (Emerald).png

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Controlled by   No Bamboozles  
Governed by   Oddpoe
Navy color   Green
Information about this island's pets is unknown.
Outpost Medium Large
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Alkaid Island is a large island in the Ursa Archipelago. There are two known routes from the island: McGuffin's Isle and an inter-archipelago route to The Beaufort Islands in the Crab Archipelago.

Natural resources

This island spawns sincosite, hemp, and sugar cane.


The naming theme on Alkaid is primates and related items.

Aye-Aye Philter (bazaar)
Ape-othecary (upgraded)
Ape Potions (upgraded)
Chimps Effusion
Coconut Elixir (upgraded)
Juicy Banana (upgraded)
Monkey Funky Herb (upgraded)
Naughty Potions (upgraded)
One and One (black market)
Bon Voyage (explorers' hall)
Kingkong and Shanghai Bank (upgraded)
Commodities market
See Hear Speak and Buy No Evil (upgraded)
Coconut Concoctions (bazaar)
Ape's Booty Spritz (upgraded)
Blitzed Baboon (upgraded)
Brass Monkey (upgraded)
Chimp Juice (upgraded)
Chimp on the Rocks (upgraded)
Drunk Kong (upgraded)
Drunken Monkey (upgraded)
Garry's Mod (upgraded)
Gibbon And Juice (upgraded)
Jungle Juice (upgraded)
Monkey Rum (upgraded)
Monkey Shot (upgraded)
Primate Fuel (upgraded)
Raging Alcoholic Monkey (upgraded)
Rocket League (upgraded)
Rum and Koko (upgraded)
Estate agent
Primate Realty (upgraded)
Bed, Beddings and Marmosets (bazaar)
One Night Stand (upgraded)
Planet of the Apes (upgraded)
Banana Hall (right-facing pirate hall)
Beech Bungalow (right-facing bungalow)
Chestnut Cottage (right-facing cottage)
Canopy Manors (right-facing manor)
Cypress Cabins (left-facing cabin)
Great Ape Escapes (left-facing estate)
Keep Calm and Love King Kong (left-facing gallery)
Liana Villa (right-facing villa)
Mangrove Mansion (right-facing mansion)
Munky Town (left-facing townhouse)
Shack Macaque (left-facing shack)
Tarzan's Treehouse (left-facing row house)
Gibbon Inn
Iron monger 
Iron Ba Boom (bazaar)
Ball Busting Baboon (upgraded)
Blades and Fireballs (upgraded)
Bursting Monkey Balls (upgraded)
Cannon Ball Run (upgraded)
Chimp balls (upgraded)
Gorilla Killer (upgraded)
Great Balls of Fire (upgraded)
The Iron Banana (upgraded)
Iron Monkey (upgraded)
Monkey Nuts (upgraded)
The Monkey Tree (upgraded)
A Monkey's Anvil
Norwegian Iron (upgraded)
One Last Shot (upgraded)
The Poe Steeler (upgraded)
Primate Irony (upgraded)
Red Hot Balls (upgraded)
Super Monkey Ball (upgraded)
The Shrine of the Silver Monkey
Banana Boats (bazaar)
Angels Ships (upgraded)
Banana Masts (upgraded)
Chimp My Ride (upgraded)
Dreaded Shipyard (upgraded)
The Grand Frigape (upgraded)
Going Dhown
Harambe Boats (upgraded)
Kraken Down (upgraded)
Last Wrights (upgraded)
Magilla Marina (upgraded)
Monkey Business (upgraded)
Monkeying Around (upgraded)
The Monkeys Mast (upgraded)
Portal Two (upgraded)
Safari Shipyard (upgraded)
Semper Fidelis (upgraded)
Seven Kingdoms (upgraded)
Monyet On Yer Rack (bazaar)
Arco de San Miguel (upgraded)
Busted Bonobo Construction Site
Caesar's Palace (upgraded)
Dark Dress Desires (upgraded)
Get Threads or Dye Tryin' (upgraded)
Journey to the Vest (upgraded)
Te Amo Mi Amor (upgraded)
Chimpanweave (bazaar)
Banana Threads (upgraded)
Hold My Weave (upgraded)
Orangutan Weaveries (upgraded)
Pygmy Weave (upgraded)
Weave My Monkey a Sweater (upgraded)
Weavinchimpanzee (upgraded)
Dusted buildings
Click [show] to see the full list
Ape Exchange (trading post)
Ape Ship (Dusted by Seas the Day)
Ape'ltini (upgraded distillery)
Baboon Brigs (upgraded shipyard)
Baboon's Sexy Clothes (upgraded tailor)
Balls 'n' Bananas (upgraded iron monger)
Banana Cream Dye (upgraded apothecary)
Banana Republic (Dusted by Access Denied on January 22, 2009)
Banana Smiths (iron monger)
Banana Thread (upgraded weavery)
Barrel of Monkeys (upgraded distillery)
Behind Clothes Door (upgraded tailor)
Calvin Kong (tailor)
Charts To Skull Island (explorers' hall)
Chimpson Dior (upgraded tailor)
Coconut Rafts (upgraded shipyard)
Darwin Yarns (upgraded weavery)
Dhownton Abbey (shipyard)
DKNY Kong (upgraded tailor)
Dolce & Gibbona (Dusted by Access Denied on February 16, 2009)
Electric Shot Therapy (upgraded iron monger)
Floating Bananas (upgraded shipyard)
The Flying Monkeyman (shipyard)
Friggin Monkeys (upgraded shipyard)
Friggin' Monkey Business (shipyard)
Gibbon Floaters (upgraded shipyard)
Gorilla Balls (iron monger)
Gorilla Gap (Dusted by Seas the Day on September 13, 2009)
The Great Apescape (explorers' hall)
Greystoke Forge (iron monger)
The Humbling River (furnisher)
Iron-Gutang (upgraded ironmonger)
Iron Lemurs (iron monger)
Jungle Book (explorers' hall)
Jungle Pit (furnisher)
Legio X Gemina (upgraded shipyard)
Lowland Smelter (iron monger)
Marmoset Hemlines (Dusted)
Marmoset's Medusa (upgraded shipyard)
Monk-e-bay (trading post)
Monkey Business (upgraded shipyard)
The Monkey Details (iron monger)
Monkey See Monkey Brew (upgraded distillery)
Monkey Spool (weavery)
Monkey Suits (upgraded tailor)
Monkey Weave Monkey Loom ("Dusted")
Monkeying Around The Boat (shipyard)
Monkeying On The Dock (shipyard)
Monkey's Got Wood (furnisher)
Monkeyship (upgraded shipyard)
My Monkey's Katana (iron monger)
Navy's Gorilla Balls (upgraded iron monger)
The Poodle Skirt (tailor)
Poseidon's Fleet (Dusted on February 2008)
Primate Juices (upgraded apothecary)
Real Simian Loom (Dusted by Access Denied on January 25, 2009)
Rhesus Fleeces (upgraded weavery)
Sakis Sakes (distillery)
Sank Your Monkey (shipyard)
Sea Monkeys (upgraded shipyard)
See My Baboon's Vest (tailor)
Ship-Ape Redemption (shipyard)
Shipyard Safari (upgraded shipyard)
Shot in the Ape (upgraded iron monger)
Silky monkey skin (weavery)
Silverback Room Dealings (black market)
Silverback Sloops (shipyard)
Simian Seams (upgraded tailor)
Sofa Spuds (furnisher)
That Chimp's Gotta Gun (iron monger)
Titano Blade (upgraded iron monger)
Toxic Banana Sap (upgraded apothecary)
Trundle in the Jungle (upgraded furnisher)
Vessels of the Apes (Dusted by Access Denied on April 29, 2009)
Weaving Wookies (Dusted by Access Denied on February 27,2009)
Wrighty Joe Young (upgraded shipyard)
Viking Blacksmith (upgraded iron monger)
Your Tailor (upgraded tailor)


Alkaid Island was originally located on the Hunter Ocean. A rock in the northwest corner of the island reads, "This island were fashioned by Sseth."

Alkaid Island is named for the star Alkaid (Eta Ursa Majoris) in the Constellation Ursa Major.

Blockades (Hunter)

Alkaid I, 2007-03-10: Beyond the veil beat The Black Pearl after losing the first round to win in a four-round sinking blockade for the right to colonize Alkaid.

Alkaid II, 2007-03-17: Beyond the veil defeated The Black Pearl again in three rounds to defend Alkaid.

Alkaid III, 2007-03-24: Beyond the veil defended Alkaid for the second week in a row, beating The Eye in a three-round non-sinker. This was also The Eye's first defeat in a blockade.

Alkaid IV, 2007-06-03: Beyond the veil won the first and only round of this non-sinking blockade to defend Alkaid. Due to apparently being unprepared for a defence against potential attacker This End Up, a pre-blockade arrangement between Beyond the veil and contender Requited Desires was made. This forced an Ocean Master to terminate the blockade during Round 2.

Alkaid V, 2007-07-21: Beyond the veil defeated The Enlightened in a five-round, 15 strength sinking blockade. During Round 5, the strength of the Brigand King was increased from zero to 1.

Alkaid VI, 2007-07-28: Beyond the veil defeated The Black Pearl again in a three-round sinking blockade. This blockade gave Alkaid the distinction of being the first island on Hunter to be blockaded six times.

Alkaid VII, 2007-09-30: Another defence of Alkaid by Beyond the veil, defeating a strength 12 The Enlightened (Vargas the Mad) in 4 rounds.

Alkaid VIII, 2007-10-13: Beyond the veil defeated The Eye in a four-round sinking blockade. This was an extremely important blockade as it triggered the demise a seemingly unstoppable flag of The Eye in the following weeks.

Alkaid IX, 2007-12-01: Beyond the veil defeated a 7 strength Black Veil in a five-round sinking blockade.

Alkaid X, 2008-01-26: Beyond the veil defeated a 10 strength Fleet of his Imperial Scaled Highness in a three-round sinking blockade.

Alkaid XI, 2008-03-08: Beyond the veil successfully defends against Castigo X in a four-round non-sinking blockade. Coerced Coexistence defended on behalf of Beyond the veil.

Alkaid XII, 2008-03-22: Beyond the veil defended against Incognito in a three-round sinking blockade.

Alkaid XIII, 2008-05-18: Access Denied successfully defended against Fleet of his Imperial Scaled Highness in a four-round sinking blockade.

Alkaid XIV, 2008-01-26: Access Denied successfully defended against Castigo X in a three-round sinking blockade.

Alkaid XV, 2008-09-27: Access Denied Successfully defended against Seas the Day in a 4 round sinking blockade.

Alkaid XVI, 2009-06-06: Access Denied lost to Seas the Day in a 3 round sinking Blockade.

Alkaid XVII, 2009-07-19: Seas the Day successfully defended against Access Denied in a 3 round sinking Blockade. Access Denied withdrew before the second round due to significant jobber loss

Alkaid XVIII, 2010-02-27: Seas the Day successfully defended against Bad Company in a 3 round sinking blockade.

Alkaid XIX, 2010-03-20: Seas the Day lost to Bad Company in a 3 round blockade, Seas the Day did not defend.

Alkaid XX, 2009-04-10: The All-Consuming Flame defeated Bad Company in a 3 round sinking blockade. Bad Company did not defend.

Alkaid XXI, 2010-04-18: Natural Disaster defeated The All-Consuming Flame (11 strength) in a 3 round sinking blockade.

Alkaid XXII, 2010-07-31: Wasted defeated Natural Distaster in a 3 round blockade. Natural Disaster did not defend. Poets and Pirates dropped out in the 2nd round.

Alkaid XXIII, 2010-08-22: Clandestine defeated Wasted in a 3 round sinking blockade. Wasted dropped out in the 1st round.

On the 1st November 2010, Clandestine transferred Alkaid to Wicked Peace, winners of the So, you think you can govern Alkaid? event.

Blockades (Emerald)

Alkaid XXXIII, 2012-03-04: No Apologies took over the island from Your Flag, Your Flag did not defend, however Blind Indifference contested round 1.

Alkaid XXXIII, 2012-04-21: Bad Blood Defeated No Apologies in a 3 round sinking blockade.

Alkaid XXXIII, 2012-04-29: No Apologies Defeated Bad Blood in a 3 round sinking blockade, Bad Blood did not fully defend.

On the 7th of May 2012, No Apologies transferred Alkaid to Bad Blood.