Wicked Peace

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Wicked Peace at a Glance
Emerald Ocean
Monarch Dingybeard (Left Flag, joined All For Rum which also left.) of Academy of Sailing (disbanded?)
Member crew(s) Bleached Sailors, Bootyqueen's Revenge, Fog Of War, Inferno-East, Pillow Fight, Somniphobia, Thugs
Organization Royalty Team
Founded 21 April, 2006
Allies None
Wars None
Last updated on 26 October, 2016
Favicon.png Flag Info
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Wicked Peace is a defunct flag on the Emerald Ocean. It was founded on April 21st, 2006 by former monarch Dingybeard.


Wicked Peace was the oldest active flag on Hunter. It was founded by Dingybeard and his mates from the flag El Mercado Libre on the Sage Ocean. Upon the opening of the Hunter Ocean, Dingybeard took his flag and moved it to Hunter. He founded the crew All For Rum and Wicked Peace within the first day of Hunter's existence. On June 2, 2007 Wicked Peace blockaded and took Iocane Island. They successfully defended it seven times before transferring it to Cape Horn Fever on October 22nd, 2007. On May 10th, 2008, they won Saiph Island at Saiph XX. On July 26th, 2008, they blockaded and colonized Manu Island at Manu I.

Public statement

According to an ancient Quetzal legend, as told to only a few and whispered thru the sails of El Pollo Diablo, war will wrack the land, and in the end all will stand together in peace.....in a Wicked Peace. Something wicked this way comes, and we are here.....

Wicked Peace is a democratic and open flag, led by Dingybeard, his Queen Eowyn, and a royal court of loyal mates. We believe leadership and flag involvement is something that can be provided regardless of in-game status. To that extent, we encourage every member of our flag to be active on our forums where all titled members take part in flag governance without feeling intimidated about expressing their opinions. Our goal is to provide an open, enjoyable flag where everyone can feel welcome and involved.

To join this flag, speak to Dingybeard directly or any royal.

Alliance and War Policy: If you spam an alliance request, it will be ignored, or may even garnish you a declaration of war, so please don't send them without discussing it with Dingybeard or any royal first. If you wish to ally, we will sit down over a mug of rum and discuss our mutual aims, and then an alliance decision will be made.

Not actively seeking alliances at this time. DO NOT SEND US RANDOM REQUESTS!

Members of interest

Blockade history (13-3)

  • Won the War games event blockade which took place at Accompong V on August 12, 2006.
  • On June 3, 2007, Wicked Peace colonized Iocane Island in a three-round blockade against Dust and Pirates of the Caribbean.
  • On June 9, 2007, Wicked Peace defended Iocane Island from YPP - Your Purdy Pimps in a four-round non-sinking blockade.
  • On June 17, 2007, Wicked Peace defended Iocane Island from the Brigand King flag Chthonic Horde in a three-round sinking blockade. This was the first Brigand King blockade on Hunter Ocean.
  • On June 23, 2007, Wicked Peace defended Iocane Island from Collusion in a four-round sinking blockade.
  • On July 29, 2007, Wicked Peace defended Iocane from the Brigand King Barnabas the Pale once again.
  • On August 26, 2007, Wicked Peace prepared to defend Iocane against Dark Light, but the attacker never showed. The blockade was canceled and Wicked Peace kept the island.
  • On September 8, 2007, Wicked Peace fended off a third Brigand King attack on Iocane by repelling The Widow Queen after five rounds.
  • On October 20, 2007, Cape Horn Fever defended Iocane Island from The All-Consuming Flame on Wicked Peace's behalf, as an intent had already been declared to transfer the island.
  • On March 29, 2008, Wicked Peace failed in their attempt to take Gallows Island from Castigo X.
  • On May 10, 2008, Wicked Peace successfully took Saiph Island from The Enlightened
  • On July 26, 2008, Wicked Peace successfully colonized Manu Island, liberating the island from the Brigand King flag Ice Wyrm's Brood.
  • On August 30, 2008, Wicked Peace took Ilha da Aguia from the Brigand Queen Brynhild Skullsplitter.
  • On January 10,2009, Vexed Ronin took control of the Saiph island in a three-round non-sinking blockade defeating Wicked Peace.

Blockades at a glance

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# Date Blockade Stance Sinking Contenders Score Result
1 12 August 2006 Accompong V Attacking No Bakers Union vs. Wicked Peace, Veni Vidi Vici, ghetto dubbers 0:3:1:0 Won event
2 3 June 2007 Iocane I Attacking Yes none vs. Wicked Peace, Pirates of the Caribbean, Dust 0:3:0:0 Won island
3 9 June 2007 Iocane II Defending No Wicked Peace vs. YPP - Your Purdy Pimps 3:1 Defended island
4 17 June 2007 Iocane III Defending Yes Wicked Peace vs. Chthonic Horde 3:0 Defended island
5 23 June 2007 Iocane IV Defending Yes Wicked Peace vs. Collusion 3:1 Defended island
6 29 July 2007 Iocane V Defending Yes Wicked Peace vs. Chthonic Horde 3:0 Defended island
7 26 August 2007 Iocane VI Defending Yes Wicked Peace vs. Dark Light 0:0 Blockade aborted
8 8 September 2007 Iocane VII Defending Yes Wicked Peace vs. Black Veil 3:2 Defended island
9 20 October 2007 Iocane VIII Defending Yes Wicked Peace vs. The All-Consuming Flame 3:2 Defended island
10 29 March 2008 Gallows XII Attacking No Castigo X vs. Wicked Peace 3:0 Didn't win island
11 10 May 2008 Saiph XX Attacking Yes The Enlightened vs. Wicked Peace, Silent Hunters 0:3:0 Won island
12 26 July 2008 Manu I Attacking Yes Ice Wyrm's Brood vs. Wicked Peace 1:3 Won island
13 30 August 2008 Aguia I Attacking Yes Ice Wyrm's Brood vs. Wicked Peace 0:3 Won island
14 10 January 2009 Saiph XXI Defending No Wicked Peace vs. Vexed Ronin 0:3 Lost island
15 24 January 2009 Aguia II Defending Yes Wicked Peace vs. Requited Desires 3:0 Defended island
16 31 January 2009 Aguia III Defending Yes Wicked Peace vs. Requited Desires 2:3 Lost island

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