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Alicealoun is an officer who sails the Sage Ocean. Her original captain Shampoo has many confused by her name. Even Alicealoun didn't think she was a girl until she asked.

She used to be a manager in Okto's tailoring stall, but Okto took Sheta and Candyluvr as his managers for the forward shifts. Alicealoun now envies them, but are still good and helpful friends.

The Training

Alicealoun worked hard to be an officer. She was promoted on Febuary 19th, 2007. Pegasiswolf, a senior officer, was her promoter and trained her to be an officer quite nicely. It took her all her might to remember all the difficult and also different things that an officer must have to do. Alicealoun hoped that she didn't cause any trouble, but Pegasiswolf never accepted that. Alicealoun now stands up for Pegasiswolf, as she never blames the innocent. Well at least she never saw her blame em.

The Switch

Many officers of all kinds were gone from her original crew Wild Heart as Pegasiswolf opened her own crew. Alicealoun didn't want to leave Shampoo, but also wanted to be with Pegasiswolf. But still, she went with Pegasiswolf.

She was aware that she may never go on another pillage with her old crew again, but she had to make some changes if she wanted to advance in her training to be a captain of her own.

Pegasiswolf gave whatever title anybody wanted. Alicealoun chose hers wisely to remember Shampoo. She chose siren as her title, as that was her original captain's title.

She is now an officer/siren in her new crew. Alicealoun hopes to sail the seven seas once more, as the adventure continues.