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Adna is a SO of the crew Midnight Devils of the flag Royal Army on the Sage Ocean.


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In the Beginning

Hide And Seek

Silenced Souls

After meeting Twistedtwist in the flag Undeclared, she would rule Silenced Souls along side TwistedT. Silenced Souls was half of Crown Royals, along with a few newcomers. Silenced Souls reached the top 24 crews on Sage. This flag, Crown Royals, would take over Ventress in an controversial No third party agreement. They would lose the island the next week. After the lost of the island, TwistedT took a unexpected leave due to real life issues. Feeling left behind, Adna bonded with Warbux and together they created the rebirth crew Revenge of the Fallen.

Revenge of the Fallen

Midnight Devils

Back From the Dead

After a near 9 year hiatus, Adna emerged out of the fog on a random day in January 2021. Thinking she had drowned in the kade of 2012, her old hearties and crewbies gasped in excitement. The fog must of damaged something mentally because Adna didn't remember hardly anyone. Slowly, as memories tried to force their way back, she started relearning the ways of the pirate. Adna was reunited with her lost loves Twistedtwist, Warbux, and Baddogfox and they lived happily ever after with the same pink couch, that surprisingly, hasn't dusted yet...although everyone is too scared to move it for fear that it may...