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Frederico's forum avatar

First appearing on Alpha Island's docks on January 1st, 2003, Frederico del Mar is the captain of the one-man merchant crew the Emerald Company. Part of the large Old Spice flag alliance on the Azure Ocean, Frederico and the honorable Company played a large role in the purchase and construction of Old Guava, assisting Rifkind and ARR in hauling a considerable amount of commodities down to the island from the Diamond Archipelago and personally footing 1/4th of the island's original 200k cost. As owner of the island's Estate Agent and Market, Frederico oversaw much of the island's build-up, and saw a significant profit on the island's Weld and Chalcocite production.

Upon the mass exodus from Azure, Frederico was in possession of several full-sized Shipyards, as well as a considerable personal fortune, which, when /gloried, led to the Emerald Company's becoming the highest-listed one-man crew on the Azure Memorial. On the Midnight Ocean, Frederico reformed the Emerald Company and once again dabbled in shipyard ownership, but before long retired from active play, and now can only be occasionally seen at the ocean's Poker tables, going all-in with nut flushes.

Fun Facts

Frederico went on to become the Ocean Master Hermes. True story!

To this day, Frederico refuses to admit to any acts of piracy, instead insisting that the Emerald Company is a legitimate shipping business and that he is nothing more than a peaceful Portuguese merchant marine. Prudent observers will note that Señor del Mar actually speaks only a rough smattering of Spanish, thus throwing this explanation into question.

Along with Hanzii, Frederico was one of the first few non-Ringer pirates to use a specially-commissioned forum avatar. This avatar, purposely created to emulate the game's art style, was drawn by the pirate Riskyboots and spawned a sweeping trend of using forum avatars that feature fancy custom art of your in-game pirate. The avatar's larger version is displayed to the right.

Frederico has never won a familiar of his own, but finished a close second to Squid in the Azure Ocean's first and only Monkey Island Insult Contest. He's still a tad choked about this, but feels that finishing second only to Squid in a contest based mostly on wit is a tremendous compliment.

Frederico is/was the official bookkeeper of the Dread Ringers Treasure Fleet, as evidenced here. Though the Treasure Fleet remained unassailed during his tour of duty, everyone aboard learned a valuable lesson: the best way to avoid taxes is to store all your money at the bottom of Alpha harbour.

Due to an unfortunate change of home before the exodus from Azure, Frederico and the Emerald Company were not originally listed on the Guava Island Memorial. Thankfully, he was manually added to the list after a petition to the Ringers. This had the interesting side effect, however, of forever enshrining the misnomer 'The Emerald Company'; Frederico's crew is, and always has been, just the 'Emerald Company'.