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Zeroblaze was the captain and urchin of the crew -Frozen- and prince of the flag Access Denied. He founded the crew -Frozen- on July 13, 2006. He sails the Hunter Ocean. He then just left the crew and is now in the crew Thnks Fr Th MMRS as a cabin person. He then faded out of the game and has not logged on since July 25th 2008!


  • Has achieved #2 exp for battle navigation
  • Has achieved #1 for bnav ranking
  • Has achieved ultimate Swordfighting
  • Has achieved ultimate Gunnery
  • Has achieved ultimate Shipwrightery
  • Was number 13 on the Swordfight standing listing
  • Top 10 for Carpentry experience
  • Has achieved #1 for Carpentry ranking
  • Top 50 experience for Swordfighting
  • Started and was monarch of the flag Surge, but disbanded the flag shortly after it had been created.
  • Started another flag called Fate's Shadow, took Saiph Island, defended it and governed it before disbanding the flag
  • Owns the first crew on hunter to be illustrious imperials
  • Started another flag called Access Denied


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