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Viridianmast started playing Puzzle Pirates on the Sage Ocean on 8/20/06 as Veridian (not even knowing there was a Viridian Ocean) and played on and off for a year joining his friend Dagada's crew, Swords of Sage.

He then made Viridianmast on the Viridian Ocean on 12/23/06 and joined the crew Eternity captained by a soon to be good friend, Dudgezzer which, at the time, was under the flag Brotherhood w-o Banners. He then created a crew called zanock on 6/6/07, and joined the flag Potty Pirates along with his old crew and became royalty. Because of financial reasons had to let the numbers of the crew go down and when Eternity left the flag, Potty Pirates, and changed it's name to Great Balls of Fire, Viridianmast abandoned the crew and joined Great Balls of Fire under the flag United We Stand as a lord on 7/19/07. He again left the crew and again made a crew this time called Kutless on 11/14/07 and then merged with Eternity on 11/26/2007. The crew, Eternity, then join the flag Imperial Coalition in the early summer of 08, but switched back to United We Stand. The captain of the crew Eternity had his account stolen and was later banned from the game; therefore, the crew fell apart. Viridianamst fled to his good friend Dlonelyone's crew, Pouncing Piranhas under the same flag on 8/2/08, and is currently a senior officer in that crew and a royal in that flag.


First SO rank: March 9, 2007.

First skellie fray win: October 29, 2007.

First BK win: August 19 2007.

First zombie fray win: October 29, 2007.

First captain rank: June 6, 2007.

First royal title: June 7, 2007.

Memorized the Viridian Ocean: Febuary 8, 2010.

First Familiar (Serpent): June 28, 2011.

First Seahorse: July 11, 2012

First Ultimate: November 28, 2012 (Patching)

First "Governership": December 2012

First Ultimate in Carpentry: April 23, 2013

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