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VEGAS, short for Viridian Events Groups and Supporters, is an open group of pirates whose goal is to increase the amount of events on Viridian. VEGAS members devote themselves to planning and running events for the ocean as frequently as possible. Anyone can be a part, read on!


Spotting a lack of player run events on Viridian, Kovy created the Viridian Events Group and Supporters (VEGAS) on February 21, 2007. During the group's first week, Beu, Keweney, Jolyma, and Cristo were brought on as planners. Although they got off to a slow start, VEGAS has recently become much more active.

How Can I Be Involved?

There are many ways that you can help with VEGAS and Viridian Events. If you have event ideas, feel free to visit the VEGAS forums to suggest them. If you're interested in holding an event yourself, we'll still take a gander and make suggestions to fine-tune it. If you're interested in being more involved, you can apply to become a VEGAS Planner. The Planners run VEGAS and make decisions for the group. For more information visit the VEGAS Forums and PM Kovy. Lastly, you can help by donating to the event fund. We are always needing poe to run successful events so any donations (prizes or poe) are accepted. We also run fundraising pillages so keep your eyes peeled for those!

Current Events

  • Several projects in work

Past Events

Halloween '07

Current VEGAS Planners

Also Special Thanks To...

  • Rudebwoi and Tenacious for their fundraising pillage efforts.
  • Gulk, Ikke, Cristo, Karanga, Amberash, Monlizzy, Lansky, Captainflood, and Arrgaretha for their support of Viridian Trick-or-Treat by running an event at their respective houses. Also to those who had wished to help but had things come up, as well as those who chipped in that I did not list.
  • Jolyma, Davidus, and Cristo for their help with VEGAS planning.

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