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Chinchi is a pirate on the Sage and Viridian Oceans.



  • Chinchi on all oceans
  • Viridian most of the time (Fleet Officer,New Dawn, Get Off My Lawn)
  • Sage sometimes (former forager) (It Floats and we Love it)
  • Ex captain of Ob-La-Di Ob-La-Da (Merged with Ducha De Oro)
  • Started around Dec 25, 2005
  • Former officer in Brave New World (Regnum Irae) and Roman Navy (Flaming Crazies)
  • Former prince of Flaming Crazies
  • Has a severe case of puzzle vision
  • Managed Buccaneer's shipbuilding stall on Lima
  • Bought his pet pig, Spider Pig, on July 23, 2007 in honor of the Simpsons Movie which was released that Friday, the 27th.
  • Has never won any tournament, ever.

Blockades and Battle Navigation

  • Expected to Blockade navigate for Riddlemakers during the upcoming Sloop blockade event "BK Bumper Boats".
  • First injury (hook) received during Terra XI while being an executive officer for Hurly.
  • Is an executive officer and navigator for blockades
  • Amazing PvPer. 5 losses since September 2006. (As of February '08)
  • 1st sink PVP- 10/27/07 vs. a Fist Deep crew
  • PVP sinkers count: 1-0-1

Former Crews

  • Ocean Generals - Officer
  • Ob-La-Di Ob-La-Da - Captain
  • Ducha De Oro - Fleet Officer
  • Dark Horizon - Fleet Officer


  • Tied record for least familiars ever won/held.
  • Closest to a familiar: Sailing bakeoff sometime in Summer 2006. Finished 12th when top 10 advanced.

Chinchi likes...


  • Number 1 poker player (Ultimate- Jan '07-July '08); top 5 for many months.
  • VEGAS planner (Viridian Events Groups and Supporters).
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