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Ahoy there! Welcome to YPPedia. Just a couple of things to help ye on yer way :)

User: pages are named according to account names - and only the account owner should edit their User: page. Because of that, I reversed your creation of User:Toughman. If that is your pirate's name, then feel free to create a nice page for them, but not in the User: namespace. Recently, changes were made to our guidelines which means all pirates can have their own article - as long as there is something to write about them other than 'Hi I'm a pirate on X ocean'. So, you are welcome to create the page Toughman is that's your pirate name. If you do create that page - look at YPPedia:Sample_pirate_page for a basic template to create a nice pirate page. You can also look at Attesmythe and Barrister for examples of good quality pages.

Also I had to delete the page you tried to make for a crew. Crew pages don't need to be made with a 'Crew:' prefix on the page name :) YPPedia:Sample_crew_page will also help you see what a good crew page should look like. Fair Winds! --Sagacious (talk) 15:39, 14 July 2006 (PDT)

RE:Toughman's Bungalow

Ahoy! We're sorry, but individual houses are not eligible for pages under our guidelines. In addition, advertisements are also prohibited. The contents of your page were as follows:

Well, another page about my bungalow on Dragon's Nest. My Roomate is Viridenn. I AM LOOKING FOR A NEW ROOMATE. SEND ME A TELL. Well, if u beat me in any puzzle, u will win 10 poe, or a slatted crate. Still Looking for donations. Read the house news to find out more. remember, this is on the viridian ocean. See u guys at me next party!!!

Thank you.--Nicksterv 10:34, 19 July 2006 (PDT)