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About Me

Sagacious is a player from the United Kingdom and formerly played on the Midnight, Cerulean and Emerald oceans. He currently plays on Obsidian.

YPPedia Projects

Updating Commodity pages.

  • Nailed so far:
    • Basics!

Making Trophies Prettier

Updating Crew Pages

Aka - Emptying Category:Outdated crew information

Puzzle Pirate Code

A*, L+++, Sk+, Zm-, Ult, D--, DT Eh, C++, P, Cp--, Bl+, Sa+, Gu++, N-, TH+, Sw+++, R++, Al++, BS++, TP++, SF+, Rm++, Dr, TD ++++, Sp+, SpN2, Ht+, Bn+, X::, B+, Fl, BK+, Atl++, Def+++:+++, Cit, AtlB, Sh0_-=====, Pt, $++, Cl, F++, GD+, FA!, Wki++, Scr+, !Bx, Ice+


  • Y!PP Fullscreen Fix - A remake of Lizthegrey's fullscreen reset fix for Puzzle Pirates. Suitable for Windows players who tried out fullscreen mode and are now experiencing problems starting the game. Use at own risk etc.


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