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Ahoy mate. "{{stub}}" on an article denotes it's incomplete and can use some work. Please don't remove it unless there is significant content to make up for it. —Sivius(T/C) 00:02, 25 May 2006 (PDT)

defunct crews

Ahoy! Do not blank out pages for defunct crews. We can either move the page to the new crew name, or mark the old name as defunct. I've restored marked the dutch navy and marked it as defunct for now. --Barrister 03:53, 6 July 2006 (PDT)


This image needs to be uploaded again under a less generic file name e.g. Cold War logo main.jpg. -- Faulkston 12:20, 17 March 2007 (PDT)


why can't i put on a list of the ships i own???!!!

it is MY page, and it is about me pirate, so why can't I put on the vessels that i own!??

No, it is not your page (This is your page. You can do with it as you like, so long as you don't violate the Terms of Service). It is, however, an article about your pirate. That means that anyone is allowed to edit it. It also means that it needs to conform to YPPedia policies and guidelines including not having lists of standard named ships. The reasons for this is that 1)Only you can update the list. 2)Nobody else can confirm or repudiate the list. 3)A list very rarely adds anything of meaning to the article. Try working the ships into the broader narrative if it's important they be in the article.--Fiddler 00:22, 11 July 2007 (PDT)

Image names

You have uploaded a number of images without using the correct filename format. As we cannot rename images, you will need to reupload your images using corrected filenames. Here are the various guidelines for different types of images: avatars and for other artistic works, such as crew/flag banners use the filename format found at Category:Fan art. You can look at your list of uploaded images to easily see which ones need to be renamed by looking here. Let me know if you have further questions about filenames. --Guppymomma 16:51, 13 July 2007 (PDT)

Amassed power image

Twice now you have uploaded an image called PowerBK.png which has been deleted twice as it already exists as Image:Bkpower.png. Please do not try and upload the image again. -- Cedarwings (t/c) 07:36, 29 August 2007 (PDT)

=> If I had known that, i wouldn't have re-uplouded it!


According to the Yppedia:Policies and guidelines advertising is not permitted. This includes advertising for new members to join your flag. As such I have removed the image from the Yppedia. Fair winds! -- Cedarwings (t/c) 12:48, 18 December 2007 (PST)

Image naming

Ahoy mate I have seen you have had and still have some issues properlya naming your avatar pictures. I have reuploaded your latest avatar and its new address is - [[1]]

When uploading avatars please name them "Avatar-USERNAME-FILENAME.jpg" in the Destination Filename Box of the Upload Page.-- Haywoodx(t/c) 10:36, 14 June 2008 (PDT)

User pages

Please do not edit user pages other then your own. They are not subject most of the rules of pages in the Mainspace. As such, I have reverted your edit. -- Cedarwings (talk) 13:09, 18 July 2008 (UTC)