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About Me

Ahoy! My main pirate is Knirt in the Viridian Ocean, and i´m Fleet Officer and Alchemist of Spammers Inc. a crew from P4P. I got enough of pillaging days, i will not join your crew nor even your flag.

Pirates Knirt [1];


Real Name Fernando
Age -
Favourite Puzzle Alchemistry

I really do enjoy helping new mates to find their way in the game ^^.

I started to use Wiki when i found my pirate name on it, but i saw a broken link. So I started to create pages for my crew, flag, pirate, and all these kind of things ^^.

I am nice and polite, except to people who can piss me off. Well, if you is able to do it, you may have a hell of enemy. People who are rude and this sort of things are more often ignored by me.

To do list

  • Furnish my home (Partially Accomplished).
  • Legitimate Ultimate in Bilging (Accomplished).
  • Get Ultimate in Alchemistrying (Accomplished).
  • Become a sucessful shop manager (Cancelled, booched in management of a DN Distillery).
  • Win a bigger event =P.
  • Paint and rename my sloop (Accomplished).
  • Memorize Jade archipelago (Cancelled, now memorizing Onyx instead).

Updated List

  • Buy, paint and rename a WF.
  • Get Ultimate gunnery in Viridian.
  • Get Paragon experience in ALchemistry, within #1 in ocean.
  • Get Ultimate in Spades, or at least a decent rank which will allow me to play with the bests (they kick me everytime).
  • Get a portrait with some of my mates, presenting firstly Babyion and Dyrbar.
  • Become a blockade bnavver.

To buy list

  • My alchemy lab;
  • My cutter from Dellabelle;
  • My Rapier (GOTCHA).

Updated List

  • War Frigate, painted Maroon and Grey, called Imperial Knirtfish.
  • Office stuff.
  • Bird Cage.
  • 2 Portraits.
  • Green mug (probably Flagon).

My Puzzle Pirates Code

A++ L++ Sk+ D* DT+ C+ P+ Cp Bl+ Sa+++ Gu++ N++ Sw+++ R-- Al* SF+ Dr TD+++ Sp--- Ht--- Bn+ X+:+:+ B+ Sh++ Pt+ $ Cl F+ GD FA! Wki++ Scr+ Bx+


Archipelago Start Point End Point Amount Memmed
Viridian Ocean
Jade Chart star green.png Dragon's Nest Swampfen Island 4/4
Dragon's Nest Hunter's Point 5/5
Hunter's Point Olive Island 3/3
Swampfen Island Olive Island 4/4
Corona Reef Kirin Island 3/4
Lonelywood Lagoon Lima Island 2/3
Prolix Purlieu Lima Island 2/5
Onyx Chart star black.png Tigerleaf Mountain Fintan Island 3/3
Tigerleaf Mountain Cabo de Hornos 5/5
Cabo de Hornos Fintan Island 3/3
Cormorant Island Fintan Island 2/2
Cormorant Island Adder Ridge 3/3

User History

Knirt was an active user around 2006, having stopped playing the game in late 2006. He still checks the game every now and then but has been inactive for most of the past 14 years.

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