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If you want, I can fix up the table used on your infobox so it displays properly. If you want to do it yourself as a learning exercise, which is why I haven't gone ahead and done it already, I think that the problem stems from the fact that you didn't put one of the |- new row tags on its own line. Other than that, I like the page and the only other thing I'd point out is that you missed a capital letter on the last paragraph of the About Me section. – Covenant7 (talk/contrib) 10:30, 5 May 2006 (PDT)


Sim kra, eu pago sim pra jogar no Midnight, eu tenho um hearty que eh BR que tb paga. Conheci por acaso quando aceitou um job na minha pillage. São poucos os BRs pelo Midnight mas fuçando a gente acha ^^


n sai mto caro n kra, eh um preço razoável (US$ 9,99, o q sai a uns 20 reais)