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About me

I only play Kamuflaro on Malachite actively, but reserved the name on every ocean to gun or job otherwise in blockades.


Foraging 1 2

Carpentery 1 2

Traderun 1 2

Vargas' flotilla 4-12-09

Finius' flotilla 5-12-09

Brynhild's flotilla 9-12-09


User:Kamuflaro/Sandbox/Template:Infobox pirate altered trying to learn by doing

Note to self

Regarding public statements

Wiki does autolinks, to supress them I use <nowiki> elements.

Wiki converts ~~~~ and ~~~ to signatures - nowiki elements help here too.

A distinction between public and extended public statements is not always necessary, especially for active flags, who express their gratitude towards their most recent blockade's jobbers.


Look for an example where such a statement stays for a longer period of time - there is one iirc.

Being smarter.

The pirate template extension, lc = lower case function, ucfirst = upper case first letter only function.

TOC help page? Couldn't find one so far.

Remote PEAR online calculator - only requiring ocean and pirate name to be submitted.

Make a page for blockade staff positions.


[[Royalty|Lord]] changed to [[Titled|Lord]]

[[Royalty|Lady]] changed to [[Titled|Lady]]

PEAR Calculator

Blockade XO guide‎ (TODO: Shouting in crew=nono for XO; rewrite whissling paragraph, because it's not an easy read; Divide the booty; When planking tell the JC why you plank so they can mute)