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Every blockade staff is working different. This article illustrates how executive officers can be used as a backup system for other blockade staff positions among their common duties. This article splits the XO's duties in three sections:


Voice chat server

Blockades are organized on a voice chat server. XOs are not required to be on it, but preferably should be. They do not require a microphone, but it would enhance their blockade experience.


During a blockade an XO will be assigned to a naver and vice versa. This assignment will not change during the blockade, except either of them has to leave early. (Before the end of round 3 is considered early.) If you do have to leave early let the blockade organizer know as soon as possible.


XOs are staff members, thus they are allowed and supposed to shout on the ship they are assigned to in order to complete their tasks. If a jobber decides to shout on a ship the XO will ask them not to shout on vessel chat, preferably by shouting themselves. Any repeat offenders should be warned by tell, that they will be planked, if they continue shouting. Warned shouters should be planked.

Shouting on crew chat will be dealt with by other staff members, thus XOs are not meant to shout there, although they are staff members themselves.

Sometimes shouters are re-jobbed, but insist on shouting. In that case the XO needs to plank them again.

In port

Type of voyage

When you board the ship, that your naver and you have been assigned, check the type of voyage first. Change the type of voyage to blockade, if it has not been set to it yet. The vessel will be notified, if the change was successful.

Checking the hold

Ask your naver how much stock he wants for the ship. (Memorize this or write it down.) Check wether there is enough stock in the hold or not. If there is not enough stock in the hold request the missing amount to be sent to you or the ship by name on voice chat or officer chat.

Running out of rum or shot is silly. Not having any stock at all when entering the blockade might cost you the ship, round and as a result the whole blockade!

If there are odd numbers of shot in a non-sinking blockade the ship might have sunk already and can not be sent in again. In this case make the land admiral aware and wait for further instructions.


Do not welcome every single jobber aboard, but continuously welcome them aboard or thank them for coming and let them know who you and the naver are and that any questions should be directed to you rather than the naver. You should prepare chat shortcuts for this and any other repeat messages.

Finding gunners

The most commonly associated task of a blockade XO is to find gunners. Again, ask your naver how many gunners of what rank he wants on the ship. Sometimes the requirements can not be met. In that case lower the minimum standing required for gunners and take one or two more to compensate. As a last resort you can help loading the guns yourself.

Gunners who have the incredible gunner trophy can be considered as renowned gunners regardless of their standing.

Once you have your gunners write their names and standing down in case you need gunners on your next ship.

On the board

Taking PoE out of the hold

If ships sink all PoE in the hold is lost, thus take them out before you sink. PoE are placed in the hold after sinking a Brigand King ship or during breaks for buoys guarded against a brigand king or hauled treasure.


Each flag has their own policies and guidelines on planking and warning before planking during a blockade. But it is very common to plank any learning greenie during round breaks.

If you find a jobber sleeping on station, whistle them and wait a moment. Then you have the option to plank and re-job them.


As a rule of thumb ideally every sailing station on a ship should be manned and at least half of the carpentery stations. If much damage is taken or bilge raises the XO has to ask jobbers to redistribute themselves accordingly. Whistles are a great way to get the jobbers' attention, but every shipwide whistle will distract or even annoy puzzling jobbers, so use them with caution.

Sometimes it will help getting lazers stationed, if they are reminded that they will only get payed, if they puzzle. If there are any lazers left the XO can try convince or plank them individually, but usually there should not be any troubles with lazers.

Damage reports

Sometimes the admiral or another staff member will ask for damage reports. You should always report the ship name along with the damage percentage. You should also report the damage, if you got close to sinking. The bilge level can optionally be mentioned.

All damage and bilge reports are in approximate percentages and are best done through officer chat.

Puzzling as XO

Sometimes you will find yourself in a situation where everyone is stationed, but the ship is understaffed (or lacks gunners). Don't hesitate to puzzle yourself. Being a good gunner yourself can be very helpful sometimes.


Plank and catch

When a ship is abandoned some jobbers will not realize, that they need to go to another ship. Any jobber staying on an abandoned ship should be planked by the XO and re-jobbed on the currently loading ship by the (preferably secondary) jobbing contact. Ask and wait till the jobbing contact is ready before you start planking.

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