Unbreakable Metal Fleet

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Unbreakable Metal Fleet at a Glance
Meridian Ocean
Last Captain Pimi (Dormant)
Senior Officer(s) Aphextwin (Dormant), Cdk (Dormant), Drunkshark (Dormant), Heresjohnny (Dormant), Joeri (Dormant), Lombar (Dormant), Marcthegreed (Dormant), Mase (Dormant), Petrapan, Queenstown (Dormant), Redmissy (Dormant), Rickw (Dormant), Sjieg (Dormant), Sjiegone (Dormant), Skyphenek (Dormant), Synsei (Dormant)
Politics Autocratic
Shares Jobber's Delight
Flag Affiliation Independent
Founded 3 October, 2005
Mostly dormant as of 17 November, 2016
Favicon.png Crew Info
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Unbreakable Metal Fleet is an independent mostly dormant crew of the Meridian Ocean. It was founded on 3 October 2005 on the former Viridian Ocean. This crew once flew the flag of The Force.

Public statement

Crew Forums:http://members.lycos.nl/metalfleet/index4.html

Register on the forum and make sure u get the rank "UMF member" on the forum, to be promoted to "UMF member" make a post on the forum or ask the captain or any SO's. Make sure this is done or els u wont be able to read the posts ment for the crew only.



This crew has a vessel where everyone can play games with eachother on every time ^_^

Goto: Garnet Archepolio --> Surtsey Island ---> Dock ---> The Casino



Ask any Officer or goto our Forum :)

Pillaging Rules

  1. PTB rule applies in this crew. PTB means: Permission To Board. Ask PTB "vessel name" before hopping on a vessel. If you just join whenever you like then you will get the chance of being planked.
  2. Leaving IN BATTLE will end up in Demotion or if it happens often you will be expelled
  3. We will +1 those who are on the pillage from the Start to the End for their loyalty on board!
  4. Leaving a pillage before the end will end up with you getting a -1 (meaning you get paid for 1 battle less).
  5. DO NOT go on a pillage if you only have 30 mins left, this will mostly result in leaving during battle, and will be waste of your time since you get a -1 if you leave in the middle of a pillage. My advice if you wanna work those 30 mins: Go to the navy.
  6. Officers: If a vessel is set on Battle Ready it means it can be used in REAL blockades, if you want to enter in Atlantis or go to a flotilla you will need to use your OWN vessel

For All Officers

This is something we do for the whole crew so read carefully: I've set up a Crew Booty which holds PoE for the crew to buy things FOR the crew (not for me or anyone else!). After you have pillaged (on your own or on someone else's ship) you have to take 25% of the restocking LEFTOVER in your pocket and write down the amount on a paper or some other reminder. If it's your vessel you can take the other 75% for yourself and else it's for the ship owner. So, sailing = 25% crew booty, on your ship = 75% in your pocket. The MAX crew booty you put in is 1000 PoE.

This 25% of ALL officers sailing out will go into the crew coffers.

After you have pillaged, divided booty, restocked the vessel, you can take 25% of what is left in the hold in your pocket, get on the The Casino (Sjieg's merchant brig ported at Moab Island and deposit the amount you took in the coffers.


REMEMBER: these promotion requirements are guidelines, meaning there are exceptions. But only loyal members get exceptions (not alternate accounts).

Icon cabin person.png Cabin Person

  • To join as cabin person you need to stay on the ship until we're ported.
  • Any Officer may let you join as full member.

Icon pirate.png Pirate

To become pirate you need:

  • At least the navy rank Ensign
  • You don't need a pirate badge, if you've got the navy rank then it counts as a badge
  • Any Fleet Officer may propose to promote you after checking your stats. Any Senior officer can actually promote you.
  • Being a Pirate and want to run a pillage? Join our training crew Cosmic Rampage (also with alt account).

Icon officer.png Officer

To become officer you need:

  • Navy rank: Lieutenant
  • Being respected by the other crew members.
  • At least 4 Broads in Piracy and 2 master or above
  • NEW RULE: Officers may now pillage as they wish to. They are expected to avoid PvP and make 100% sure they can pay for the restock, should the pillage end in a loss-making one.
  • You can also become Officer if captain knows your main account and trust all that.

Respected Battle Navigating Officers

  • Read Officer Training Help on here for this special ability.
  • Thread name: Respected in Bnav? Pillaging Rules!!!

Icon fleet officer.png Fleet Officer

As a fleet officer you are expected to do pillages on a regular basis.

  • Been Officer for 1 week.
  • Navy rank: Lieutenant Commander
  • All Piracy experience on Broad and 4 Solids
  • Battle Navigation must be Broad/Master or higher.
  • Being trusted by the captain and SO's
  • Preferably own a sloop
  • Know the officer page on the UMF website by head
  • I recommend good clothing so you will have more respect.

Titled Fleet Officer

  • Been Fleet Officer for 2 weeks
  • All Piracy on Solid and 2 on Weighty
  • No more Ables in your Piracy, 2 masters and 1 GM or higher.
  • Your Battle navigation must be at least solid/renowned

Icon senior officer.png Senior Officer

As a senior officer you are expected to run pillages regularly and help new players.

  • Been Titled Fleet Officer for 3 weeks.
  • All FO requirements
  • All your piracy experience on Solid, 3 on Weighty and 1 Expert
  • Bnav has to be at least Grand-master
  • In piracy you need all stats on Master and at least 1 on Grand-Master (Not including Battle Navigation)
  • Be ACTIVE.
  • Owning a sloop and a war brig
  • Navy rank: Commander

Royal Senior Officer

Becoming RSO is very rare, because being RSO is like being Captain. The captain decides if you become RSO, looking at all your skills: social, piracy, etc.

Icon captain.png Captain

Whoops! Booch! Didn't mean to type that rank.

Blockade history

  • Prolix IV - While part of the flag Confusion, UMF helped win Prolix Purlieu against Scuppering Seven Seas.
  • Prolix V - UMF successfully defended Prolix against -Star Explorers- and Scuppering Seven Seas.
  • Prolix VI - UMF lost Prolix to Requiem.
  • Prolix VII - UMF attempted to regain Prolix, but sadly lost and suffered more heavy damages. In Prolix VI and Prolix VII UMF lost over 2 million PoE in ships alone.
  • Moab I - UMF, now apart of The Force, won a three round sinking blockade against Regnum Irae. They suffered relatively little compared to the other contender.

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