Traba Venator

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Traba Venator at a Glance
Midnight Ocean
Last Captain Patricoo
Senior Officer(s)
Politics Oligarchic
Shares The Cruel Shelf
Flag Affiliation None
Founded 2 September, 2007
dormant as of 18 May, 2009
Favicon.png Crew Info

Traba Venator is a crew that sails the Midnight Ocean. The crew currently flies no flag and has yet to show any intent of joining one.

Traba Venator is latin for The Ship Hunters and has a very small crew due to its recent foundation. They have no island they are based on but currently look at three. They have ships stationed around Beta Island, Namath Island and Spring. They claim not to have an intent to sieze or take an island for some time. Traba Venator exists only to have fun, but will still place the crew and hearties above all others.


Patricoo left Otherwhen after two years of being an officer. He convinced his hearty Waugh to join, and with his help they created the name it has today. After two weeks they attained Established fame and got over two dozen personal offers for a flag. Discussing it with the crew, the captain elected to join the flag hugglebees.

Officer Training System

Traba Venator boasts a well designed system to give new officers in the crew basic training and understanding of how to manage a sloop and cutter in battle or other such events. It is divided into four chapters, where pirates can pick and choose any to learn with any crew members at fleet officers or above. Anyone can learn on their own, but only when they can prove they understand all chapters can they get promoted to Fleet Officer. Most discussions, with light reading, can take about an hour total.

Chapter 1

Learning about the use of a Bulletin Board, the Hold, Vessel Records, Trading Commodities and how much to buy, Jobbing Notice, charting a course, types of jobbing, deporting and the bilge buildup from idleing.

The reccomended reading for this chapter is the linked areas above, and reading more about the sloop in the ship section.

Chapter 2

Hiring greenies, swabbies, wistleing and commanding, how to hunt and engage, leagues, navigation puzzle, brigands, crew ranks, barbarians, divvying the booty, foraging.

The recommended reading for this chapter are the linked areas above, and getting ideas from the Jobbing Guide.

Chapter 3

Disengaging, sailing tokens and moving around, wind currents, whirlpools, rocks, shooting, grappling, pre-fight instructions, rumble and swordfight recommendations, getting great items.

The required reading for this chapter is reading as much as possible in Sea Battle

Chapter 4

Sloop sizes, Cutter and dhow differences, Merchant and war brig and bagleshes, frigates, blockades, Atlantis, sinking, being at war, PvP.

Ship Loaning System

Traba Venator tries to encourage crew members to use their own ship. For the the members without ships, they can rent a ship from the captain, use it as their own to learn and pillage with, and at a later date they can pay the unpaid cost of 10,000 PoE to have the deed to their first ship. If they decide not to purchase and stop renting, the deposit is returned in full, so long as the ship is not sunk.

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