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Toppyhopp was (until the 1 July 2007) the captain of Scourge Of The Red Seas on the Sage Ocean. He is currently a senior officer of the crew Outlaw's and a member of the flag Black Flag.


In the early years of his piracy, he could be found with Young Gunz (later Mercinaries), then he was with Outlaw's for many a month, building the skills he needed with the help of many a senior officer on this crew. He left his beloved family and The Flying Pigs accepted him as a senior officer of their crew, but he was only there for a short time as he soon moved on to create the band of piracy pirates all knew and loved.

Toppyhopp moved back into Outlaw's by joining their flag Rebellion. But this was also only short lived as Black Sails then moved on to form its own flag. Later, his crew was re-named to Scourge Of The Red Seas, and the flag Black Sails was disbanded. He and his crew moved back in with Rebellion. As of the 1 July 2007, his crew was disbanded, and he re-joined with his old mates under the new crew Devil's Advocate.

Pirates may also find him hanging around the docks and inns on all the Puzzle Pirates oceans, including Ice Ocean. If pirates see him, they should feel free to stop and have a quick game of Swordfighting or Drinking.

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