The Shadowy Balrogs

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The Shadowy Balrogs is a crew that sailed the Midnight Ocean and the Cobalt Ocean.

The Shadowy Balrogs on Midnight

The Shadowy Balrogs at a Glance
Midnight Ocean
Last Captain Chezzybabe
Senior Officer(s) Becketmac, Jollyjen, Mizpa, Twizzle
Politics Oligarchic
Shares Even
Flag Affiliation Avalon
Founded 20 May, 2004
Dormant as of 11 February, 2010
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The Shadowy Balrogs was founded on 20 May, 2004 by Gothmog and Winry. Initially the crew joined the flag of Green Scurvy Dogs.

In late July 2004, Dunatis, Abbzll and Gothmog came together to found the flag Allied Foundation, with plans to eventually take Beta Island on Midnight. After the failed attempt at Beta, The Shadowy Balrogs split from Allied Foundation and sailed the ocean as an independent crew for a short time.

In December 2004, The Shadowy Balrogs joined the flag Avalon.

With the prospect of a new ocean, Gothmog handed the reins of the midnight crew to Becketmac and headed for new waters who in turn passed the captaincy to Mizpa.

By August of 2007 Chezzybabe had replaced Mizpa as the captain of The Shadowy Balrogs.

Public Statement

We're Shadowy Balrogs and we sail on the water we pillage, we loot, maybe more than we ought-er So as we tell any silly old sodder, Better watch for your wallet, your ship, and your daughter!

We have many ships with a great many uses they've all seen much booty, and many abuses we've probably repaired every board and each truss til they're patchworked and salty, hey that sounds like us!

So ye can join our crew if you enjoy stabbin', and take your share of the loot that we're grabbin', there's times we're hard-workin', and times that we're gabbin' but remember, the best booty is on the bed in my cabin!

When ye job for us, leave your sanity on shore. You won't need it with us.

The Shadowy Balrogs on Cobalt

The Shadowy Balrogs at a Glance
Cobalt Ocean
Last Captain Gothmog
Senior Officer(s) Chattykathy, Hutch, Shortyjack
Politics Autocratic
Shares Jobber's Delight
Flag Affiliation Oceanus Expeditus
dormant as of 13 March, 2012


After the opening of the Cobalt Ocean, Gothmog and his first mate Winry, as well as a few others decided to leave Midnight behind and start on a fresh new ocean. After acquiring the necessary stats and a ship, Gothmog founded The Shadowy Balrogs and with Wlada founded the flag of Bloody Hell.

After flying the flag of Bloody Hell for nearly a year, The Shadowy Balrogs broke from Bloody Hell and joined Indestructible Fury. After some personal issues arose in The Shadowy Balrogs, they left the flag, and most crew members merged with other Indestructible Fury crews or created their own.

The Shadowy Balrogs then created the flag Anonymity. After a short time the flag disbanded and the crew joined National Pirate Radio for a short time before merging with the crew Redemption.

The crew was recreated on July 25, 2009, temporarily joining Oceanus Expeditus as the war crew. Gothmog and a few of his old crewmates decided to relive old days and run the crew again.

Public Statement

We're back tarts. Because this is "less offensive" than the silly word I was using before. Thanks!