Bloody Hell

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Bloody Hell at a Glance
Cobalt Ocean
Last Monarch None of None
Member crew(s) Sudden Death
Dormant or disbanded as of 23 January, 2006

Originally founded by Wlada and Gothmog from the Midnight Ocean, Bloody Hell was formed to be free of politics and have minimal alliances.


Founded at the opening of Cobalt by Wlada and Gothmog. The premise of the flag was to focus on having fun in the game, rather than participate in heavy politicking. Sudden Death and The Shadowy Balrogs were founding crews.

In January '06, The Shadowy Balrogs decided to pursue their own objectives, and left the flag; Sudden Death not being large enough to sustain the flag on its own, Bloody Hell is effectively defunct.

Previous crews in the flag include the Red Herrings (who have disbanded, with some crew mates joining The Shadowy Balrogs), The Aquabats, Glory's Fire (who have both been expelled for inactivity), Brain Sturgeons (who left the flag), Goodfellas (who disbanded) and The Shadowy Balrogs (who left the flag).


Sudden Death - Founded by Wlada when the Cobalt Ocean was formed, also one of the two original crews.