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This template is used as a navigational aid between the trinket sections. This template should be used like following :

{{Navigation Trinkets | trinket = section name}}

You can also use it like below :

{{Navigation Trinkets | section name}}

Note : This template is reliant on the fact that it's not used on its own. To see a list of templates which are using this, see Template:Navigation Trinkets#See also.


  • You can set empty to "trinket" field. If you don't set "trinket" field, this template will display a navigation box same as the navigation box on the top of this page.
  • If you set a "trinket" field, this template will display its name in bold.
Code Display
{{Navigation Trinkets|medal}}
{{Navigation Trinkets|pin}}
{{Navigation Trinkets|gift}}
{{Navigation Trinkets|valentine}}
{{Navigation Trinkets|spring}}
{{Navigation Trinkets|summer}}
{{Navigation Trinkets|autumn}}
{{Navigation Trinkets|halloween}}
{{Navigation Trinkets|christmas}}
{{Navigation Trinkets|atlantis}}
{{Navigation Trinkets|bm}}
{{Navigation Trinkets|ci}}
{{Navigation Trinkets|faction}}
{{Navigation Trinkets|gb}}
{{Navigation Trinkets|greedy}}
{{Navigation Trinkets|hs}}
{{Navigation Trinkets|io}}
{{Navigation Trinkets|kraken}}
{{Navigation Trinkets|vamp}}
{{Navigation Trinkets|vr}}
{{Navigation Trinkets|chocolate}}
{{Navigation Trinkets|ice}}
{{Navigation Trinkets|plum}}
{{Navigation Trinkets|wine}}
{{Navigation Trinkets|beachcomber}}
{{Navigation Trinkets|other}}


This template doesn't categorize the article that include this.

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