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Limited edition trinkets
Banana Box Promotion Cupcake | Cloth bag | Wooden box

Chocolate Mystery Box Promotion Abacus | Book of confections | Can of cocoa | Chocolate cupcake | Chocolate-covered apple | Cloth bag | Messenger bag | Milkshake | Wooden box

Ice Mystery Box Promotion Cloth bag | Cupcake | Hot buttered rum | Ice parrot sculpture | Jam jar | Silver-bound yeti's tooth | Snowflake pendant

Plum Mystery Box Promotion Beachball | Hydrangea flowers | Liber prunum | Plum milkshake | Plum pouch | Plum preserves | Plum tart | Plum wine | Purpleheart box | Sunglasses | Umeboshi | Water wings

Spring Green Promotion Cloth bag | Cupcake | Flower pot | Four-leaf clover | Lime cocktail | Lime lexicon | Lime marmalade jar | Seed bag | Spring rake | Spring peeper | Spring sprout | Wooden box

Wine Mystery Box Promotion Bunch o' grapes | Cloth bag | Mini wine cask | Reaver's reserve | Wine list | Wooden box


These usage notes will not be included in articles bearing this template.

This template is used as a navigational aid between the Limited edition trinket articles. If you need to use this, write {{Navigation LE trinkets}} into the article which should include this.

This template implements {{Navigation Trinkets}} (Usage)