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Cursed Isles Rewards
release 2008-11-19 Cursed effigy

release 2009-02-04 Beaded fetish | Dried homunculus | Hemlock | Powdered lizard tail | Shrunken head | Spell scrap | Talon fetish

release 2009-05-27 Beaded bracelet | Bear claw | Bone knife | Crushed leeches | Cultist chow | Cursed egg | Eye of newt | Gilded serpent fang | Homunculus seeds | Jar of fog | Ritual candles | Sacred skull | Scrying bones | Vial of venom

release 2009-12-08 Amber spider | Arcane toad | Bone syrinx | Chaos brooch | Cult doll | Evil weevil | Horn talisman | Lucky amulet bag | Piranha | Scorpion sting | Toadstool
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These usage notes will not be included in articles bearing this template.

This template is used as a navigational aid between the Cursed Isles trinket articles. If you need to use this, write {{Navigation CI trinkets}} into the article which should be include this.

This template implements {{Navigation Trinkets}} (Usage).