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Haunted Seas Rewards
release 2010-08-24 Black lilies | Corpse light | Eternal flame | Faded cameo | Ghostly looking glass | Gravestone fragment | Haunted dinner napkin | Haunted tome | Planchette | Spectral lantern

release 2010-10-14 Black wreath | Compass to the Nether Seas | Ethereal mist | Ghost doll | Ghostly ring | Grave rubbing | Haunted candle | Pale padlock | Phantom powder flask | Spectral veil

release 2011-09-28 Cannonball from beyond | Censer of shades | Eldritch astrolabe | Ghostly impression | Locket from a lost love | Phantom hand | Rumjug of spirits | Spirit slates | Spooky spyglass | Unearthly urn
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These usage notes will not be included in articles bearing this template.

This template is used as a navigational aid between the Haunted Seas trinket articles. If you need to use this, write {{Navigation HS trinkets}} into the article which should be include this.

This template implements {{Navigation Trinkets}} (Usage).