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Sydax is a pirate on the Hunter Ocean. He is senior officer of the crew Phoenix Rising and prince of the flag Wicked Peace.

About Sydax

Sydax is well known in Hunter Ocean and is loved by all who know him. He is a generous, caring soul who loves to help out friends and give gifts. He enjoys going to the Cursed Isles and Atlantis as well as just pillying with friends.

He started as a crew member of Echidna's Children where Tottspop and Alyhs trained him to be a Merchant Pirate.

After leaving the Eternal Hydra, he joined Prudance and Mallik in the Phoenix Rising crew where he happily resides as a senior officer. In the crew, he supports Dingybeard, Eowyn and the other royals of Hunter's oldest flag, Wicked Peace.


Sydax manages Paraphernalia Paranoia the tailoring shoppe on Sayers Rock, the furnisher shoppe Handcrafted on Sayers Rock and the weavery shoppe Knot a Witch on Sayers Rock in Hunter Ocean.

He helps manage the ironworking shoppe called One of These Knights on Ilha da Aguia and New Agent In Town the estate agent there as well.

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