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Dingybeard is a pirate of Hunter Ocean. He is the captain and urchin of the crew All For Rum, the monarch of the flag Wicked Peace, and a navy commander. He puts into port at Quetzal Island in the Orion Archipelago.

Contributions and Awards


Born with the opening of the Sage Ocean, Dingybeard was among the first members of a crew known as Sage Imperial Legion, then led by Captain Jameswatson. Upon becoming officer, as a pirate who just wanted to sail his own sloop, Dingybeard experienced an unfortunate incident which made him leave the crew.

With the help and advice of a player from the Midnight Ocean, he started his first crew, The Academy of Sailing. As a new captain, he worked to form a crew that was accommodating to new players and allowed them to grow along with him as he became more involved in the Puzzle Pirates world. With the advice and tutoring from many experienced players such as Jaenelle, Sornor, and his long-term PP mate Eowyn, The Academy of Sailing grew into one of Sage's early successful crews.

Dingybeard's first exposure to flags and ocean politics came when he joined The Red Flag Armada, and played an influential, albeit overly exaggerated, role in that flag's blockade preparations for Spaniel Island.

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