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SPAM may also refer to Spades Players Across Meridian.

Spamming is defined in the Terms of Service as "repeatedly sending letters, messages, or nonsense, in a way that makes it difficult for other players to communicate". Spamming causes the chat windows of innocent bystanders to scroll so much that ordinary conversation is difficult or impossible. Repeatedly shouting is just as aggravating, as the larger text causes the chat window to scroll much faster than normal as well.

Others may append this definition to include the general Internet definition of spam, meaning advertising your desire to sell or buy items, or recruiting for crews or flags. Merely asking a person if they would like to buy something or join a crew may not be considered advertising -- i.e. "I have a black/white captain's jacket for sale. Would you like to buy it?". However speaking an obviously pre-arranged advertisement into a chat circle may be considered spamming by one or more pirates in the circle and should be avoided.

Spamming will often occur at an inn when people try to sell their items to others or recruit for a crew or flag. As a general guide, this activity is discouraged because it so often leads to spamming. Most people are not offended when there are 2 minutes or more between such announcements, however there are no absolute rules on this. Standards differ from ocean to ocean, and indeed some players will tolerate more than others. Midnight in particular is a notable exception to this, where the playing community for the most part adopts the view that even 1 message advertising goods or attempted recruiting is unacceptable.

As a general rule, while this can be a forgivable offense, if a fellow player advises you that you are considered to be spamming, you should respect their views and stop, even if you do not believe you were spamming.


  • Repeated shouting or spamming can earn you a blackspot or a temporary suspension from an Ocean Master.
  • Repeated abuse can get you permanently banned from the game.
  • Talking too quickly can also cause your words to be lost when your voice becomes hoarse.
  • Spamming aboard a ship may result in being forced to walk the plank and losing your share of the booty.

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