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Sinful Pleasures

From YPPedia

Sinful Pleasures at a Glance
Meridian Ocean
Last Captain Emerson (Dormant)
Senior Officer(s) Aeval, Antics, Jereico-West, Killercat-West, Lyndsy-West, Megami, Tentei, Yarharcourt-West (ALL are dormant)
Politics Democratic
Shares Even
Flag Affiliation Wild Cards
Founded 6 May, 2008
Dormant as of 14 November, 2016
Favicon.png Crew Info
Crews-Sinful Pleasures.jpg

Sinful Pleasures was the first crew to be founded on the former Malachite Ocean. It is the founding crew of the flag Wild Cards.

Public statement

You have failed to Cheese the Burglar! Circular knitting kicks booty.

Extended public statement

Sinful Pleasures, everyone should indulge.

Co-Captains Tentei and Megami welcome you to the House of Sins.

Warning: There is mature language and situations in this crew’s chat. Please don't ask to join if you may be offended. We are a very adult oriented crew and therefore have an age requirement for all new recruits.

This highly skilled and experienced crew of lovable, hard working, fun-loving pirates, was founded on the belief that everyone plays the game to have fun, not headaches. We love to sail, pillage, drink, fight and otherwise plunder our weasly black guts out. We do believe in PVP. So bring your sense of humor and your puzzling skills and come aboard.

We have only a few rules for Jobbing with the Sinners:

  1. Failure to listen and obey orders from the Commanding Officer/XO (or any officer for that matter), lazing, issuing challenges or trades while the ship is in motion or being disrespectful to anyone onboard a ship will get you planked and your pay docked, regardless of your rank or status.
  2. Leaving during battle (engagement to the end of the swordfight) will get yer pay docked. If you must leave, please do so after battle. You will be paid your full shares even if you log off so long as you don’t leave in battle. Emergencies do happen, so if you have a legitimate reason for leaving during battle please inform the Officer in Charge/XO so they know you are leaving and why.
  3. Do NOT ask to gun, port or divide booty. We will already have our gunners when out on a pillage and if we don’t we will select them ourselves from the available pirates based on their stats. We will not port until the pillage is over and we have reached our destination island. We cannot divide booty until we port. Repeatedly asking to port and divide the booty will get you to port via a sound planking as well as getting your pay docked.
  4. Have fun. This is the most important rule because if ye ain't having fun then what are ye playin' for?

Feel free to ask questions, but please do so outside of battle. We would love to help you understand the game better.

We openly accept any friendly pirate age 16 and up who is lookin to have a good time, can follow orders, respect the crew mates and especially the captains (both of them).

If ye want to become a Sinner, please ask any member of Officer or higher rank at the end of a pillage but remember ye must be 16 to be an Sinner. Ye may express an interest in joining before setting sail, but understand we will not be crewing mates before we've had a chance to sail with ye.

Promotions are not given freely and are based solely on your pirate here on the Malachite ocean. Who you are or your rank in any other ocean means nothing to us unless we know you personally. Requirements for promotions are listed in the private crew statement.

NOTE: If you are coming from another ocean and we know you, the process may be quicker.
NOTE: Having your own ship or officer badge does NOT make ye an officer.
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