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This page is about crew rank promotion. For commercial promotions, see Category:Promotions.

Promotion is where a pirate is assigned a higher rank within a crew. This can be an autocratic decision by the crew's captain and/or senior officers, who can assign immediate rank up to fleet officer without the captain's approval. It can also arise from a vote as per the other two political systems. The basis for promotions varies between crews and the criteria are usually listed in the crew's private statement. Some crews will pay a different booty share according to a pirate's rank. Additionally, with promotion a pirate gains additional privileges within the crew. Crews may also take these privileges away from a pirate: this is known as demotion.

On doubloon oceans, pirates must hold the appropriate badge to be granted the privileges of that rank. On subscriber oceans, pirates must be subscribed to hold these privileges. One example is where a pirate - who is unsubscribed or does not have the pirate badge - cannot gun until he or she is ordered to.

Promotion can be accomplished by selecting the crew tab, right clicking on the pirate in question, and selecting "assign rank". A comment justifying this action can be made. This is visible (for the duration of the vote) to all the crew members who are elegible to vote on it according to the crew's political system.