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Team Zissou

From YPPedia

Team Zissou at a Glance
Midnight Ocean
Last Captain Boneheadmom
Senior Officer(s) Blair, Bozeman, Dwendimal, Dwendy, Mithuselah, Pegt, Swimmergrl
Politics Autocratic
Shares Even
Flag Affiliation Barrel O' Pirates
Founded 12 January, 2006
Disbanded as of 8 January, 2008

Team Zissou was a crew on the Midnight Ocean.

Public Statement

"I want you on Team Zissou."

"The answer's yes."

"Well it's got to be. I'll order you a red cap and a speedo."

--Steve and Ned

Come join Team Zissou on the Belafonte, as we battle pirates, explore the Ping Islands and seek revenge on the Jaguar Shark.


Team Zissou splintered off of Good Times 'n' Rum on January 12, 2006. The crew was founded by Dwendimal as (captain), Dwendy as (first mate), Silverdagger as (senior officer) and Redjezebel as (senior officer).

Team Zissou joined the Rum Musketeers flag soon after forming, to reunite with Good Times 'n' Rum. Shortly afterwards, the Rum Musketeers flag was retired and Team Zissou joined the flag Barrel O' Pirates.

A sloop from Team Zissou, commanded by Boneheadmom, won 1st place in the afternoon Scrambled Eggs PVP contest on April 16, 2006.

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