Silver Dragon Trading Co

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Silver Dragon Trading Co at a Glance
Midnight Ocean
Last Captain Dragonlilly
Senior Officer(s) Hemme, Silvermoon, Silverstar
Politics Oligarchic
Shares Even
Flag Affiliation Rudder Revolution
dormant as of 19 May, 2009
Favicon.png Crew Info

Silver Dragon Trading Co is a crew of the Midnight Ocean. It was founded by Dragonlilly on 13 February 2004.


Early Life

Silver Dragon Trading Co is a crew on the Midnight Ocean. It was formed on February 13, 2004 from the death throes of the Puzzle Pirates Academy. The active Senior Officers of the PPA decided to form the SDTC. It quickly grew into an offense based trading crew, they weren't afraid of a little PvP or just plain brigands while dealing with the tasks of supplying shoppes for their flag, Rudder Revolution. They assisted the other trading crew in RR, the Rudder Duckies.

Splintering off of Rudder Revolution

A couple of months after RR took Guava, several crews left to form a superflag, SDTC was one of them. While working out the details of this new flag, Falcon's Fury and the SDTC formed the Forgotten Realms. At the time, SDTC crew members were in possession of some of RR's flag shoppes. The monarch of RR, Pennsuedo, agreed to let the crew have two of the shoppes in its possession, Colourful Concoctions and Baa Baa Blacksmith. It has kept these shoppes ever since, and one of its conditions of joining any flag has been that the shoppes under its control remain under its control (and do not become under the destination flag's control).

Carpe Noctem

SDTC was one of the founding crews of Carpe Noctem. It remained with Carpe Noctem during the flag's blockade of Islay of Luthien, and its simultaneous blockades of Zeta and defence of Luthien. Sometime after the blockades, the crew began to slowly go dormant.

After CN

After awhile, the crew got word that it was at risk of being removed from CN due to inactivity. It left the flag soon after, transferring to an alt flag held by Dragonlilly. Soon after, it moved back to a rather dormant Rudder Revolution, and has remained there since, enjoying the peace and quiet.

Public Statement

We are a well experienced Pillage and Trading Crew. We have fast and easy promotion requirements:

Cabin Person to Pirate: Subscribe to the game and follow orders while aboard our vessels.

Pirate to Officer: Once you are a member of the crew for a period of at least two weeks you may request a review from an SO to see if you meet our Reqs. for advancement. These requirements are:

--Have Broad in two of the three duty puzzles and Narrow in the third. It is preferred to have at least apprentice in Navigating.

--New Officers will also need to go through a Ship management/CO Theory before being allowed to take a vessel out.

--Officers are encouraged to buy their own vessels which will be used towards trade and forage runs.

Officer to Senior Officer: Be responsible, trust- worthy, an active trader, forager, and likeable. : )