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Dragonlilly is the Captain of the crew Silver Dragon Trading Co on the Midnight Ocean. She is a Shanty Jockey on Shanty Raid-io and has been with the Y!PP fan station since early June 2005.

Her show Dragonlilly's Bountiful Chest... of Whatever! airs Wednesday 6-8pm and her all-request show is on Sundays from 5-7pm Pirate Time. When she's on air she can be found in one or two of the following locations:

Dragonlilly's Notable Past

  • Dragonlilly is currently most known as the crazy, zaney, booching Jockey of Shanty Raid-io.
  • She successfully runs Baa Baa Blacksmith and Colourful Concoctions on Guava Island alongside Thunderbird and has, for over two years.
  • In the summer/fall of 2004 she was the first Merchant Flag Officer along with Phin for Carpe Noctem
  • After the fall of the PPA in February 2004, Dragonlilly and Silvermoon, with the help of Thunderbird and Hemme, ran the successful Imperial crew ranked trading crew, Silver Dragon Trading Co, with their philosophy that no fight is too big or too risky
  • When Midnight opened, she became a senior instructor with the PPA and lead many of the trainees through their internships.
  • Within her first month she became an instructor with the Puzzle Pirates Academy
  • Dragonlilly first landed on the docks of Epsilon Island August 5th, 2003

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