Shadows in the Mist (Emerald)

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For the Meridian Ocean flag, see Shadows in the Mist (Meridian).
Shadows in the Mist at a Glance
Emerald Ocean
Last Monarch Momoolahh of Golden Booty
Member crew(s) Golden Booty
Dormant as of 14 December, 2012
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Shadows in the Mist is currently a dormant flag on the Emerald Ocean. The flag was founded June 6th, 2007 on the Sage Ocean. Its founders are Crfandy, Soccercolin, and Cddog. Together they sail the seas having fun and trying to make their flag the biggest and best EVER!!!


After Crfandy, Soccercolin, and Cddog's crew, Pirate's Worst Nightmare had enough fame, they made their own flag, Shadows in the Mist. So Crfandy and Soccercolin became princes while Cddog became king.

Governing body

Icon monarch.png Monarch

Icon royalty.png Royalty

Blockade history

This is a brief history of blockades Shadows of the Mists have took part in. Blockade winners are indicated in italic. Shadows in the Mist is indicated in bold. All blockades without defenders (uncolonized) are sinking. All blockades with defenders (colonized) are non-sinking unless noted otherwise. All dates represent the day (in PST/PDT timezone) that the first round began. Contenders' allies are not listed, nor are unallied defenders.

BK Power
Brigand King

December 2007

Date Blockade Flags & Scores Notes
December 23
Ashkelon Event
1 - Defender - T-N-T  

2 - Contender - Shadows in the Mist
0 - Contender - The Sage Crusaders
0 - Contender - Critical Hit
0 - Contender - Sage Killers
0 - Contender - Eternal Glory
0 - Contender - Fire Of The Fox


February 2008

Date Blockade Flags & Scores Notes
February 16
Kent Event
0 - Defender - Notorius  

2 - Contender - Shadows in the Mist
1 - Contender - Honor Above All
0 - Contender - Aces of Spades
0 - Contender - Golden Pirates Of Sage
0 - Contender - Imperial Rednecks
0 - Contender - Crystal Alliance
0 - Contender - Sage's Fearless Raiders
0 - Contender - The Turning River
0 - Contender - Game Over

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