Shadow Hunters (Sage)

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Shadow Hunters at a Glance
Emerald Ocean
Captain Hiroko
Senior Officer(s) None
Politics Oligarchic
Shares Even
Flag Affiliation Spontaneous Combustion
Founded 1 October, 2005
Last updated on 16 August, 2017
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Shadow Hunters is a crew on the Emerald Ocean, formerly the Sage Ocean, and flies the flag of Spontaneous Combustion.


Shadow Hunters was founded on October 1, 2005 by Captain Crazycleaver. Shadow Hunters is one of the oldest crews on Sage Ocean and has trained some of the finest officers.

Sadly, Shadow Hunters had to put their flag, Black Sheep, to rest in Davy Jones's Locker. Soon after, they became an active part of the flag Spontaneous Combustion and helped with blockades, flag events and were responsible for creating two blockade intents. They gained many great hearties during their stay. Shadow hunters still keep in close touch with their former flaggies.


  • Founding Captain: Crazycleaver 2005-2006
  • Captain: Tideman 2005-2006
  • Captain: Hiroko 2006-current

Former flags

Public statement

Arr! We be the Shadow Hunters, one of the oldest crews around. We have hung our hats on the helm and enjoying life. Our sails may unfurl one day, until then...fair winds!

::::: WELCOME NEW MEMBERS! :::::::

Welcome to the crew! Please take a moment and read our crew policies listed below. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Hiroko or any of the officers. We'd be happy to help you.

*Mates that are new to the game: There are so many things to learn, starting with puzzles. If you click on your pirate character, then click "View Missions" you will see what missions are available to you and which puzzles you can learn with the navy. It's a good idea to try to learn all the puzzles so you know how to do them when we go on a pillage! If you have any questions, ask one of the officers or the captain in crew chat. (Type /crew or click on "Speak" at the bottom of the screen, and select "Crew" to speak to the crew. Or you can send a /Tell if you prefer.

Crew policies

  1. If you see one of our ships with only one or two pirates on board, you need to ask Permission to Board (PTB), this is because whoever is sailing may be making a cargo or memorization run. If ye fail to ask PTB and hop on while an officer is memming, ye may be planked.
  2. When you are on a pillage, do not gun unless you are asked to by an officer.
  3. Do not swordfight on the ship with your mates, save it for the sea battle or when you are in port. Also, no challenging puzzles on a pillage please save that for port.
  4. Only officers should shout on a pillage and call teaming.
  5. Only officers announce pillages on crew chat.
  6. Appropriate behavior is encouraged on pillages (this includes Officers). If the officer in command feels you are being disruptive or not working, ye may get planked. Have fun but keep this rule in mind.
  7. When you're on a pillage, the officer may ask you to switch to a station for the moment. Please do as they ask. It will help them out and help the pillage run smoothly.
  8. Please do NOT leave during battle. This is not fair to your crew members and can affect their chances for a successful battle. If you must go, please help during battle and once it is over let your commanding officer know that you're leaving.
  9. Please remember to always be RESPECTFUL to your fellow crew members and to jobbers as well. We want to be good representatives of the crew. Also, no spamming in crew chat please (it can be a bit distracting!)
  10. Officers in training cannot pillage alone. You must have either a Fleet Officer, Senior Officer or the Captain with you. You may lead pillages once you have been cleared to do so.
  11. Any officer that calls a pillage is responsible for FINISHING that pillage and restocking the vessel. Remember to check the officer bulletin and see what the owner requests for stocking. Some ships require 50% of the booty left over after restocking. The rest of the left over booty usually gets divided among the officers on board (O cut). This is a courtesy to the officers that help on the pillage.
    *Please make sure if you use someone else's ship that you return it the way you found it (location of where it's ported, stock and charts).
  12. You are welcome to pillage with flag mates, however, if there is an officer in our crew that needs assistance with a pillage or is trying to get people to join one, please help out with crew pillages first, then the flag second. If there are no crew pillages occurring, then have fun and pillage with flag mates. If you are starting your own pillage, please announce on crew chat before flag officer chat.
  13. During times of war, you may only sail YOUR own vessel.
  14. The first time you purchase dubs with a credit card, our crew gets one shanghai. You get credited one shanghai per account. If you contribute a shanghai, it's yours to use. If you want to purchase shanghais, let me know. The money will go into crew coffers.
  15. You may only take YOUR own vessel into flotillas, blockades and to Atlantis.
  16. Officers CANNOT have other people signing in/using their account to pillage or O-testing for them. If you are an officer, you should be the ONLY person using your account. As an officer, we put a good amount of trust on you. Having said that, we do not want non-officers/non-members having access to our holds or PvP'ing.

Rank requirements

  • Cabin Person: Enthusiasm and commitment towards the crew. Just ask, we'd love to have you!
  • Pirate: Officer recommendation and loyalty to Crew. You must know how to team in battle. You need to have narrow in Sailing, Bilging, or Carpentry. A pirate badge is required for rank privileges.
  • Officer: Trusted member of crew. Ye cannot be a greenie. Ye must be Broad and Respected or above in five piracy puzzles and in Battle Navigation. Must show maturity and good leadership skills. Responsibilities include training cabin persons, pirates, and recruiting new crew members. Officer badge is required for rank privileges. (New officers must pass a test before leading pillages on their own). Please DO NOT ask to be officer unless you MEET THE REQUIREMENTS!
  • Please note that we use stats as a benchmark to help us determine a pirate's experience or skill. More importantly, we look for pirates with good managing techniques, pillage experience, implementing crew policies and how ye represent our crew. Having the stats do not automatically make you an officer.
  • Members who come into the crew already meeting Officer requirements, will go through a ONE WEEK transition period. During this time you will be able to learn our policies, we can see if you run things as we would do, and finally you will lead a pillage as your O test.
  • Fleet Officer: Trusted Officer that has been in the crew for awhile and shows good leadership skills. Participation in crew events is encouraged. FO's should be good Battle Navigators. Responsibilities include training cabin persons, pirates, and new officers as well as recruiting new members. Officer badge is required for rank privileges.
  • Senior Officer: Long time member and loyalty to crew. Participation in crew events is encouraged and appreciated. Proven Officer with solid in four Piracy puzzles and solid in Bnav. SO's should be good Battle Navigators and be able to manage and communicate well with the crew. Duties include training/testing O's, guiding FO's and recruiting new crew members. Senior Officer badge is required for rank privileges.

Please note: Depending on the situation, officers that leave the crew and decide to come back may not be assigned the same rank before he/she left the crew. As stated in the officer requirements, being an officer means being trustworthy and loyal to our crew. Once you have shown your dedication and that you're willing to stay in our crew, you will be promoted accordingly.

The fleet

Shadow Hunters have 100+ ships in total.

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Sloops Sloops

  • Fussiest Yak
  • Interrupting Cowfish
  • Intolerant Yak
  • Kind Ko
  • Loyal Emperor
  • Spicier Tuna
  • Threatening Devil

War Brigs War Brigs

  • Rowdy Roughy