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Left-facing Shack on
Drogeo Island (Komodo Archipelago)
Meridian Ocean
Owner Wasabia
Erected December 2009

Shackleton's is a shack on Drogeo Island of the Meridian Ocean. Its name refers to the Anglo-Irish explorer Ernest Shackleton, in keeping with Drogeo Island's naming theme of exploration.

Building a shack on Drogeo Island allowed it to be one of the first islands outside Lacerta Archipelago on Malachite that could act as a greenie spawn.

During September and October 2012, it bore the name Wayward Wayfarer Shacks, a reference to its then owner, Waywardmatt, who decided he wanted his name on something permanent. It was returned to its original name by Barely Dressed in November.

Prior to the ocean merge in early 2012, the building was located on the Malachite Ocean, where it had formerly been owned by Ellien.