Serpientes Del Mar

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Serpientes Del Mar at a Glance
Viridian Ocean
Last Monarch None
Member crew(s) Tierra Firme, Hematic Damnation, Attrition
Founded 14 January, 2006
Dormant as of 29 December, 2008
Favicon.png Flag Info

Serpientes Del Mar is a flag on the Viridian Ocean

Public Statement

Serpientes Del Mar -- Serpents of the Seas Beware me hearties, Serpents from the deep blue rise up and besiege unwitting seamen. They scour the seas looking for booty and blood. Join up with us and take your share of the loot the Viridian has to offer.


14.01.06 - Serpientes Del Mar was founded by the crew Tierra Firme. Bonecaya became the first monarch.

28.01.06 - SdM entered in its first blockade, at Viridis Island. While managing to win one round, an organizational error caused SdM to not be able to compete in round four.

04.03.06 - SdM attempted to take Viridis Island a second time. Molerman spearheaded the attack. A 3-0 victory gave SdM its first island.

16.4.06 - SdM established the Governor Rotation Program. Any flag members that had never governed an island were given rotating one week terms.

28.5.06 - SdM lost Viridis in a surprise blockade by a (former) ally, Beat to Quarters

29.5.06 - SdM declared war on Beat to Quarters. SdM's first war was very successful, with 750k in BtQ damage done, in comparision to no SdM losses.

04.6.06 - SdM reclaimed Viridis with a 3-0 victory over Beat to Quarters. BtQ did not contest the sinking blockade.

11.6.06 - SdM gives Viridis to New World Order in a nonsinking blockade.