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If you're looking for scapegoat as a title, go to title.
If you're looking for the pirate on the Viridian Ocean, go to Scapegoat (Viridian).

Not to be confused with other pirates of the same name, the Scapegoat in question resides on three of the doubloon oceans -- first Sage, then Hunter, and finally Opal. No responsibility is taken for any acts committed by other Scapegoats on other oceans.


Originally created as a pun on his initial pirate character (who got titled scapegoat within the crew), Scapegoat rose and overtook his "creator" and in fact has become more well-known in terms of the size of hearty lists. Nevertheless, the mastermind behind the two pirates claim that he dedicates equal amounts of time towards both pirates.

On Sage Ocean, Scapegoat's first real crew was Blackbirds of Atlantis. From a lowly Cabin Person, he spent months dedicating his time and effort to the crew, and eventually moved up in rank to Senior Officer in the absence of several key figures, most prominently Ladybird, Darkwan and Dartonias. However, when the crew was merged into The Three Musketeers which was part of the flag Quixotic Tangent, Scapegoat made a quiet exit from the crew and joined that of an old-time hearty, Daggerdarla.

Currently, Scapegoat calls Hunter Ocean home, specifically Quetzal Island*. Having spent a short stint at El Cielo Azul, he eventually moved on to Nautical Stars under the persuasion of Pipis. He became one of the Senior Officers in the crew, and was one of the more regular pillage leaders. He also bought a tan/maroon parrot familiar, but its whereabouts as of late have been under question. In August 2007, he left the crew Nautical Stars and later that day, joined Yeyi Xoxocti Coatl.

Unfortunately, Scapegoat on Opal Ocean is much less illustrious, not being able to converse in German well enough meant his progress there has been limited.
*Scapegoat actually ports at Gallows Island, but spends all his time on Quetzal.

Crew History


  • Senior officer in Blackbirds of Atlantis (Sage);
  • Senior officer in The Three Musketeers (Sage; by default after merger);
  • Senior officer in Nautical Stars (Hunter);


  • Senior officer in Obsidian Daggers (Sage);
  • Officer in Yeyi Xoxocti Coatl (Hunter);


  • Reached #1 in Carpentry ratings on Hunter, on January 23, 2007;
  • Finally been awarded the ultimate pirate trophy on Hunter, on February 2, 2007;
  • Reached #1 in Bilging ratings on Hunter, on March 21, 2007;


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Bone Dark grey
Roses Yellow
Sand dollar
Sand Dollar
Starfish Aqua
Ivory toothpick
Ivory toothpick Violet 13 June 2006
Silk handkerchief
Silk handkerchief Red 14 June 2006
Cursed idol
Cursed idol Red 14 June 2006
Salt shaker
Salt shaker Red 4 July 2006
Salt shaker
Salt shaker Red 5 July 2006
Rose Maroon
Starfish Blue
Starfish Orange
Ribbon Grey / black
Jeweled brooch
Jeweled brooch Lime 10 Jan 2007
Ectoplasm Aqua 8 February 2007
Rose goddess perfume
Rose goddess perfume Aqua 8 February 2007
Rose goddess perfume
Rose goddess perfume Red 9 February 2007
Rose goddess perfume
Rose goddess perfume Lime 9 February 2007
Wooden amulet
Wooden amulet Orange 17 July 2007


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Goat Boat
Red / grey
War brig dock.png
Merchant brig dock.png
Dhow dock.png
Sloop dock.png
Sloop dock.png
Sloop dock.png
Sloop dock.png
Holy Mackerel
Purple / grey
Canned Sardine
Blue / tan
Theatre Of Dreams Flying Dutchman
Navy / pink
Black / blue
Lime / lime
Smoked Salmon