Yeyi Xoxocti Coatl

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Yeyi Xoxocti Coatl at a Glance
Emerald Ocean
Last Captain Fjandr (Dormant)
Senior Officer(s) Nif, Samudra, Tiwanna-East (All are dormant)
Politics Autocratic
Shares Even
Flag Affiliation Bad Company
Founded 21 April, 2006
Dormant as of 16 November, 2016
Favicon.png Crew Info
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Yeyi Xoxocti Coatl (roughly translated: "Three Green Serpents") is a dormant crew on the Emerald Ocean.

Started as a heavy pillaging crew, YXC has morphed into a haven for interocean refugees.

Formerly sailed under the flag The Eye, then Depraved Indifference.

This crew once sailed the waters of the former Hunter Ocean.

Public statement

The Three Green Serpents, in case you were wondering (you know you were, everyone asks :)

Extended public statement

Before Joining:

  • We want a crew with good puzzlers, and we want everyone in our crew to get along. That is our goal, simple as it may seem.
  • We promote based on skill, as outlined below, but don't let that stop you from joining if you desire to. Our shares are even, so a Cabin Person gets the same pay per battle as the Captain.
  • Please be courteous. Discourtesy is a way to be shown the way out of the crew with a quickness. Please act in a reasonably mature and respectable fashion. No spamming, begging, chatspeak (r, u, srsly, b4, etc). If you are prone to temper tantrums, this is probably not the crew for you.
  • Crew members are required to always -ALWAYS- ask for and receive permission prior to boarding any ship. There may be a reason that the Officer in charge doesn't want more mates aboard. If it is denied, respect that. Seriously.
  • Do not ask to gun unless you have a renowned standing at a bare minimum. Frequently, officers will require a standing even higher than this. Usually, there will already be a gunner aboard. If the gunning request is denied, please respect that.
  • Leaving in battle is usually accompanied with a deduction in pay. Repeat offenders will more than likely be expelled.
  • Mostly we're here to have fun and make a load o' booty.


  • Pirates are required to display skill in some area of ship puzzling. To this end, mates should have two ship skills with a standing of renowned or better, or one at GM or better.
  • For the rank of Officer, the skill of chief importance is battle navigation. Also important are well-rounded duty puzzle standings. Officer candidates should have an average of renowned or better in all ship skills.
  • Fleet Officer is the highest rank anyone can reasonably expect to attain in this crew at this time. You must be trusted by the senior leadership, and there must be no major objections to your promotion.

Crew shoppes and stalls

  • Rum For Your Life, Aimuari Island
  • Fjandr's Shipbuilding Stall, Chachapoya Island
  • Fjandr's Distilling Stall, Chachapoya Island
  • Nif's Weaving Stall, Chachapoya Island
  • Fjandr's Tailoring Stall, Aimuari Island
  • Nif's Ironworking Stall, Sayers Rock