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This article is about the original savvy hat. For the new Steam version, see savvy crossbones hat.
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The savvy hat is one of the two special items that can be obtained from the box edition of Puzzle Pirates. The other is the backsword.

This item cannot be traded or placed in a trade window. It does not age. Pirates cannot own a savvy hat unless they own the box edition. When setting up a pirate, box edition buyers can only obtain one savvy hat or one backsword per pirate; one pirate can never hold both items. At this time, it is not possible to change the colors of the savvy hat, though each character on an account may have a different one (or a mix of backswords and hats).

All fifteen avilable combinations of savvy hat.

To claim the savvy hat, register the key code from the box edition of Puzzle Pirates on the account page[1]. From then on, any pirates created under that account will have a new mission called "Claim your inheritance." Select that mission and follow the instructions to claim either one of the fifteen color combinations of savvy hat or the backsword.

The savvy hat comes in the following colors:

Hat color Bandana color
Blue White
Brown Grey
Brown Lime
Brown Orange
Brown Red
Brown White
Green Tan
Grey Pink
Grey Yellow
Maroon Grey
Navy Tan
Red White
Tan Aqua
Tan Maroon
Tan Violet

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