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Steam is game distribution platform created by Valve Corporation. Over the years it has become one of the most popular gaming networks and platforms for PC and Mac users.

Puzzle Pirates

In August 2011, Puzzle Pirates became available to download and play from within Steam, with support for linking existing Puzzle Pirates accounts to Steam accounts added a month later. The standalone installation of Puzzle Pirates continues to be available alongside the Steam offering.

In December 2016, developer Grey Havens announced Puzzle Pirates: Dark Seas, a new Steam-only version of Puzzle Pirates. It consists of a new ocean named Obsidian, accessible only through the Steam client. While much of the content will carry over from the standard oceans, there will be several differences, such as the existence of factions and an emphasis on PvP battles. Also, while Obsidian will be a doubloon ocean, it will not be possible to transfer doubloons between Obsidian and the other doubloon oceans.

On June 30, 2017, the Obsidian ocean was launched as part of a beta testing phase. On September 14, 2017, the integration with Steam was completed and the Early Access phase began. Downloadable content was also made available for purchase with this launch.

Many trophies earned in the game can be tracked with your Steam account, where they are known as achievements.

To access an existing Puzzle Pirates account from Steam, first launch the client under Steam. Then press the back-arrow in the upper left corner until you arrive at the login screen, and enter your account credentials.

Bang! Howdy

On July 30, 2017, YourFunWorld Studios announced that the original player servers for Bang! Howdy would be shut down with immediate effect. They also announced that they had reached an agreement with Grey Havens to develop a Steam release of the game. This new release became available on August 5, 2017.


  • Puzzle Pirates was integrated with Steam for release 2011-08-30.
  • With release 2011-09-28, existing Puzzle Pirates accounts could be linked to Steam.
  • Puzzle Pirates: Dark Seas began beta testing on 2017-06-30, and Early Access testing on 2017-09-14.

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