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Box edition

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The front of the box edition.
The box edition of Puzzle Pirates, published by Ubisoft, can be found on store shelves for 20 US dollars.

Those that buy the box edition of the game get an offline version of the game where they can practice bilging, sailing, swordfighting, and alchemistry, a non-decaying, non tradeable in-game item (their choice of either the backsword or the savvy hat) for each of their pirates, and a free month subscription to the online version of Puzzle Pirates. Those that preordered the box edition also received a deck of Puzzle Pirates themed playing cards (with Ocean Masters and developers as face cards) and a chance to win some things from a sweepstakes.


Offline modes

Story mode

A scene in the story mode
As an introduction to the puzzles before playing online, the box edition contains a mode with a plot. The player assumes the role of an anonymous mate shanghaied by the navy. The story progresses with each new puzzle difficulty level, with dialog appearing continuously through the puzzling, much like the chat interface in the online game. After some level of mastery is shown in each puzzle, a new one is introduced. Once a chapter is completed, a score out of 100 is given, and a new puzzle is unlocked in the practice mode. When the player is familiar with enough puzzles, the use of puzzles in the story emulates a standard pillaging trip.

Practice mode

In addition to playing along with the story, owners of the box edition can play any of the four included games offline once they have been played in story mode. Tutorial, tips, and star levels are included, and the player can continue as long as he or she likes.

Historical note

When the box edition was first announced, a pre-order drive with a raffle for five different prizes was run. The five prizes were[1]:

  • A Lifetime Account to play Puzzle Pirates to infinity and beyond
  • A Gold Ship, custom named cutter of your choice!
  • A bonus pack of cards, Signed by the Ringers!
  • A very rare Ye Win! T-Shirt of beta tourney days![2]
  • An Island named for YOU! in the next ocean!
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